Australia detains terror suspects

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JP47, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. Preparing to storm an army base........

    Australian police have made a series of arrests in the southern city of Melbourne after uncovering a plot to launch a terror attack in the country.

    Police said a group was believed to be at an "advanced stage" of preparing to storm an army base, media reports said.

    More than 400 officers were involved in carrying out 19 search warrants. The number of people arrested was unknown.

    Those arrested are reported to include Australian nationals of Somali and Lebanese descent, reports say.

    "Police believe members of a Melbourne-based group have been undertaking planning to carry out a terrorist attack in Australia and allegedly involved in hostilities in Somalia," a police statement said.

  2. I always knew they would eventually regret binning the white australia policy.
  3. The last time we had one of these pantomimes an entirely innocent Indian born doctor living in Australia was arrested and held for four weeks on terrorism charges. After the court had finished investigating them it transpired that the police and intelligence (!) agencies were both corrupt and totally inefficient.

    Naturally, as soon as the guy was found to be innocent the Australian government tried to cancel his residency status as an act of pure spite because it had been made to look ridiculous.

    Johnson said that patriotism was the last refuge of the scoundrel: now counter-terrorism has become the most favoured habitat of the world's *rseholes.

    "Storm an Army base"! Jesus Christ, that's got to be a Murdoch journo's trash headline. A battalion of Lebanese bakers with fixed bayonets arriving on the trams: I can see it now.
  4. So,

    Any charges laid against anyone for corruption or misconduct in a public office?
  5. Aaaaaah crickey! What silly pom poofta thought that one up?! What next? Gunmen take over The Taj Mahal hotel!? Bloody 'ell mate!

    It's a thoroughly realistic proposition, don't forget that these terrorists don't think of operations in the way that we do, yes, an attack with a couple of blokes on an 'army base' does seem absurd, untill you remember they don't expect to survive, and just want to cause as much damage as possible before going down themselves.

    All these terrorist attacks seem absurd until they happen. Who would have forseen Lord Mountbatten getting slotted? USS Cole? 9/11? All would seem hollywood hype untill it bloody happens.
  6. Next door to Holsworthy Army base is Liverpool. In Liverpool resides the salafi Global Islamic Youth Centre with a membership close to 4000. Imam of GIYC is Sheikh Feiz Mohammad who left the country rather than face terror charges. Sheikh Feiz was the nutter who created the 'Death' series of salafi DVDs.
  7. Ah nothing in it. What damage could 4 guys with several guns and grenades do? Oh yes slaughter a few dozen and wound a few hundred just like India.

  8. Hopefully this will force the government to rethink base security. Do away with the private security companies on the gate and replace them with armed diggers .
  9. Somalians?

    My! What a surprise!

    THey need to turn Somalia into glass.
  10. Either that, or keep them out of your country in the first place.

    Indeed, if we all closed our borders to 'foreigners', we needn't have any of this angst in the first place :)
  11. Or indeed, slot soldiers collecting pizza... and even make a get away. Totally inconcievable.
  12. That's what I don't understand . Surely it's easier to massacre people in a shopping mall /football staduim etc than a barracks :?
  13. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Any crazed gunman can kill unarmed people in a shopping centre. I reckon they were going for the showboat.

  14. And perhaps they have got the message that killing innocent civilians does not endear the population to your cause. Take a look at NI for example, every attack on British soldiers (though totally unjustified in the first place, since said soldiers were in place to stop sectarian violence against the catholic population) was hailed as a great victory, whereas civilian casualties resulted in alot more public condemnation than military deaths did.

    Terry has to think about the war of ideas aswell you know. I would imagine that in Afghan and Iraq at the moment, locals are getting very fed up with bombs that kill civilians compared to deaths of occupying troops.

    That said, there hasn't really been any sign that this is the prevailing trend, bombs continue to go off targeted at civies.

    I think what's probably the case is mr somali just picked a target almost at random, perhaps they thought an army base was an appropriate symbol of western oppression?
  15. CrownImperial, you are so right. A dozen gunmen who do not value their lives carrying automatic weapons and a few grenades could bring mayhem to virtually any city centre in the world in a very few minutes, let alone a military base where people don't routinely walk around carrying weapons.

    This sort of thing seems to be the start of a worrying trend.