Australia could drop Queen as head of state

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Sep 22, 2007.

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    Suppose it's inevitable but would still be quite sad if it happens.
  2. My my Taz_786, one moment you're a supporter of islamic terrorism and the next you support the Queen :roll:
  3. it would have to be put to the referendum of Australians.

    if they want a republican Government, good luck , just remember all presidents will have political leanings and can be corrupt.
  4. Why would it be so sad? They're an Independant nation. Maybe they realise that Monarchy is a bunch of bullshite. I know people will say that it's mostly ceremonial for us, but then doesn't that just make even more worthless!?
  5. So what form of Govt do you wish for? One in which Chery Bliar is 'first lady'? Tony is 'President'.....
  6. er... they've gone mate, do try and keep up
  7. This has been "on the cards" for the best part of forty years: can't say it troubles me greatly - just wish they'd do it instead of boring on about it.
  8. The only people that keep bringing it up in your press are you lot. This doesn't get much, if any coverage at all here cos we are over it as well. Nine out of ten people are all for keeping the Queen, the others are the immigrants who are only concerned with getting on with their lives in a new country, (as soon as they get out of the detention centres). As for me and my mates, we pledged allegiance to the Queen, her aires(spelling) and succesors and that is how it'll remain. Labour ******* or not. This has been done to death here and the resounding opinion is to keep it the way it is. That goes for the flag as well. I am proud as feck for our flag and more than happy with its design.
  9. down_under, good on yer mate, I could almost, but not quite, forgive your lot for Neighbours, Home & Away etc. Having said that Natalie Imbruglia alone wipes the slate clean for any crimes commited.
  10. still21inmymind, Cheers mate. There are countless thousands of white anglos here that love our ties to the Great Empire. Do you know that the only reason we export Neighbours and Fosters is because no one here likes either. Must be that we are getting back at our British brothers for leaving us here with shite lager all those centuries ago. PMSL :D
  11. God Bless you and yours Sir! I suspected it was a load of UK Media leftie w*nk and now its confirmed.

  12. You go into any Mess, boozer, HQ and the first thing you see is Her Majesty. Cos regardless of what any rag says, we still love her and where we came from. Besides, most of what we do is straight out of Brit pams. Feck the media and may they burn in hell...!!! :twisted:
  13. People on here are forever telling us how wonderful the monarchy is , please take the rose colloured spectacles off and ask yourself just what purpose this family serve?
    New Labour has allowed the country to be invaded by millions of immigrants , has virtually destroyed the military and let them down disgustingly and the Queen has done .....NOTHING .
    The only qualification for becoming a monarch is who your parents were.
  14. If I am wrong then tell me to feck off, but wouldn't the people be the ones to sort out the nations problems if there were 'invaders'? Seems to me that maybe the people have become dipsondant and no longer care about the fate of the country?! How can the Monarchy be blamed? Yes, blame the Government, but surely the buck also stops with the people too. I reckon in the old days the British people would've sorted it out... if there were a problem? Now I am probably wrong and will surely cop it from those within but I am just thinking out aloud. :?
  15. You miss the point entirely. Your rantings about the monarchy are not the point at all.

    It is about time Australia cut its ties with the UK in terms of the monarchy. It is a republic in all but name already.