Australia considers sending women into combat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. No doubt. Women to combat just now.

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  2. Maybe not now but later or sooner it will happen

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  3. Women on the frontline... It is possible in some special cases

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  4. Current order should remain unchanged

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  5. Gender restriction should be even more tough

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    Do you agree that gender restrictions should be removed in HM armed forces?
  2. My point is not all ladies want to be married and bring up children ,Some ladies want a career in the armed forces in the front line . If a lady is is medically fit and she as the endurance to carry out the tasks then let her make her own choices .
  3. Nothing wrong with giving it a go, if only to say 'I told you so'.
  4. Perhaps with the widening of the recruiting pool in recent years we will see a significant increase in the size of the army as well here in Oz?
  5. Why not the British Army sends homosexuals into battle?
  6. 'Horse, this is Stable Door, send locstat, over'
  7. We may not have women in the Infantry or SF, but plenty of women have been in combat over the last few years. When someone can point out the frontline then it might be possible to keep women from it, until then...
  8. UK MoD already has a routine review of a similar issue under way. The review is required every so often to meet anti-discrimination rules, and does not indicate that there has been a decision in advance to change anything. While I appreciate that there are other views at either end of the spectrum, most people I have consulted have said the rules should stay as they are.
  9. I have long been of the opinion that any culture (or nation or whatever) that sends its women into combat is morally bankrupt.
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    A bit extreme, but I do agree that there is something fundamentally wrong with a society that wants to put the creators of life into a core position of taking life.
  11. I think the argument is little more than academic now - they are already there, and have been for some time. The principle of "pass the test, join the unit" however, should remain.
  12. I'd quite like to send you into combat Chubby!!
  13. When people talk of the "front line" and how it doesn't exist surely they're missing the point?

    No there's no defined FEBA (correct term?) anymore BUT surely frontline roles are clearly those whereby their aim is to actively close with and destroy the enemy. I don't think for one second that a woman can't be a medic/signaller/RMP out on patrol but that's very different to clearing buildings with bayonets! Or are they actively doing this too?

    I don't think the fact that everyone is open to attack implies that everyone is on the front line.

    That said, if you show me a "woman" that is strong, fit, aggressive and tough enough to do the job then maybe there's a case for it. Unit cohesivness aside.
  14. I agree, I'd quite like an extra 2 and half minutes time and do half the press ups in a PFT.
  15. [pedant]
    Yes we do. Not in Them or Those, but certainly in The Others.