Australia "boring and too expensive"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smallbrownprivates, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Australia tourism plumets

    Some top comments here:

    "When Lara Bingle asked, "where the bloody hell are you?" Britain and Europe replied: "In nice and interesting places like Spain, Italy and France, thanks for asking." Tourism experts said the Lara Bingle-in-a-bikini commercial put women off, and they were predominantly the ones who made the family travel decisions."

    "After the novelty value of kangaroos and koalas wore off, Europeans saw us for what we were: England with better weather and less whingeing."

    "Paul Hogan suggested that we should use Hugh Jackman to sell Australia in much the same way as Hogan did with his "throw another shrimp on the barbie" campaign 30 years ago. It's a good idea except Hogan's acting roles were as a laidback, laconic Aussie. Jackman, who is apparently a top bloke, recently used knives springing from his fist to dismember half the cast in the latest X-men film. Maybe not the image we're looking for."
  2. im sorry, but your point is what?

    or did you get declined a visa?
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I must admit, I never really saw the point of Australia. A dusty place, home to 7 of the most deadly snakes on earth, choc full of nasally voiced decendants of Irish, Jock and Taff criminals (oh, and a few English too). Me old Mam keeps saying "go on, you'll love it there", but I'm not so sure. Sledging, homm - football playing, p1ss water beer drinking b@stards, the lot of 'em :D . Most of them can't wait to move over here anyway, so it can't be that great a place...
  4. And it takes about a week, locked in a jumbo to get there,
  5. touchy are we then?
    Just a moderately amusing article, that's all
  6. Agree wholeheartedly. The missus wants us to emigrate there. No chance, I don't really like poisonous snakes, poisonous spiders, crocs, & mildly threatening koala beers (they may look cute, but they're planning something nasty, I tells thee).

    Would rather go to Canada. At least they have proper seasons.
  7. not at all, everyone has their own opinion.

    I just think you should try it before passing sentance.

    I have been here a year and NO desire to go back to the UK. now im not saying that the Aussie State of affairs is any different to the UK, afterall both countries are run by pricks but the climate is better, babes are better and the beaches dont even come close to Skeggy.

    One thing I do miss though is John Smiffs and proper fish and chips...oh and the aussie/asians/everyone eles that is living here drive like cnuts....except the poms that is, at least we have courtesy on the roads.
  8. I didn't find it 'boring' when I visited there. Though I did find the prices about the same as England, except fuel ~ that's cheaper!

    Oh and edited to add (because I'm a numpty today and not firing all on cylinders today!) the flight is really not that bad at all.
  9. Have visited it over a number of years. Like the place (even perth!), consult for a number of aussie companies, but still find plastic australians very very funny.
  10. I drove from Brisbane accross to the middle and then up to Darwin a couple of years ago, it was a helluva drive. Now I understand why the Aussies refer to their countryside as the GAFA (great Australian fu ck all). I wouldnt have missed it though as it was an interesting experience. Brisbane was good with cheaper prices generally than UK. Darwin was interesting too and I met with a great chat-up line from a Sheila in a Caxtons(sp?) bar: "Yer a big bloke but ya got a nice arse, are ya going to sit here drinking beer all day or are ya coming home to bed with me?"
  11. I once said to a chum of mine, a subby in 6GR, that I'd like to visit Australia..... he winced and said 'I really wouldn't bother, old chap, I've been and it's just like one large Sergeants' Mess'
  12. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Bill Bryson wrote in his book of the place that Aussies have a bit of an identity crisis too. He looked at the number of times the place was mentioned in the World press in a 12 month period, and they barely registered. And something about the most important thing to have happened there being a Prime Minister going swimming on the beach on day and drowning. Which also didn't seem to make much of a splash in the media either.

    Now I see why they harp on about cricket so much and take it seriously when we don't - there's fcuk all else to bleat about there. Well, apart from rugger I suppose. And 'Neighbours' (their best export every in my opinion).
  13. I heard the same from someone who then went there and decided "not so much the Sergeants' Mess as the Corporals'"
  14. Actually, you know, you guys are right. It's a bloody awful place. I mean, you get pretty tired of this crap good weather all the time and those endless, fine sand beaches are well, endless. Swimming in warm oceans is way over-rated.

    And although we tend to follow British customs we just cannot compete on the Chav and illegal immigrant front. Our economy is not as big as Britains and we are only showing a small growth in GDP. Our banking system has pretty strong regulation so it is pretty hard to get easy credit although I suppose this explains why none of our banks have closed or had to be bailed out.

    Don't know why I chose to live here really, it's a nightmare. :D