Australia bans the Beret?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by QRK2, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. The rot started when we swopped tricorn hats for those shako things.
  2. Looks like the Chief of the Army needs to learn to play golf to fill is considerable spare time. I know the Breadstealers are traditionally associated with Slouch Hats but I feel for them loosing their more comfy head dress. Sorry Aussies, hope this changes for you again soon. My suggestion, write to the Queen C/O Harry Windsor and see if she agrees.
  3. Ah yes, I can see this catching on, Feather bonnets for Scottish Inf Regts. 4 SCOTS, warriors and feather bonnets!
  4. The driving force behind this is (allegedly) the RSM-A. He made his views very clear to us on a course last year.

    The official blur says Slouch hats are traditional head gear for the Australian Army, however the RAAC has worn berets since it was formed - also some shite about skin cancer, I find factor 50 works fine.

    A very good reason for the British Army NOT to have an RSM-A in my view.
  5. "Sir, there's fifty thousand armed Taliban coming over the hill!"
    "Okay, lad. And get yer floppy hat on. Don't want you getting sunburned."
  6. Well the RSM-A is full of sh*te.

    Some questions:-

    1. What was the mix of headdress at Gallipoli? - slouch hats, JNCOs with the soft field cap and Officers with a cap per chance RSM. Or is the RSM -A referring us to an earlier heritage - white sun helmets RSM?????

    2. How much more skin protection does the current Aussie helment provide then or are they only worried about skin cancer when cutting about in barracks or on parade, cos you don't get skin cancer in the field wearing a helmet with no brim?

  7. Can the Americans follow suit, with their frankly Gopping beret's!!
  8. Nice one Nige. Completely agree. The decision has obviously been made by people who completely misunderstand the traditions of many regiments and corps. Not only RAAC are up in arms but I am sure 3 RAR, AAAvn and RACMP might be pissed off too!
  9. RSM-Armoured is about to be launched by us.
  10. Whilst 3 RAR and A BTY remain in the Parachute role I am sure we will not be seeing them move from maroon berets to slouch hats.
  11. ''I look forward to Defence Science and Technology Organisation being employed to design hat racks for tanks, light armoured vehicles and Tiger helicopters.''

    What on Earth? What are you going to need them for when you pull out in Mid-October? Aborigines getting uppity?
  12. What are you on about?
  13. Maroon slouch hats? I wear a rather natty one on the beach over here in PomLand. I'm sure matching Regimental corks-on-string will go down well too.