Australia airline fat tax urged

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by in_the_cheapseats, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Takes an Aussie to say that society has become a "bit precious" when it comes to the sensibilities of fatties.

    Read here

    Wish someone would take up the fight over here too. :D
  2. Never mind airlines, put a fat tax on everything. There may very well be a few medical conditions that cause people to get fat, but they occur in a vanishingly small percentage of the population. For the majority it's their choice to be greedy and bone-idle that causes obesity.

    They should have to take out additional medical insurance same as skiers and sport-parachutists or foot the medical bills themselves. And they shouldn't be allowed on public transport but forced to jog along behind it.

    Slovenly tosspots.
  3. All very well calling for the podgier passengers to pay more, but the airlines would all be better off giving the poor sods in the back a bit more room to start with. I stupidly flew with Virgin in economy a couple of months ago (just to see what they were like) and will never do so again. Their seat was the narrowest I've ever been tortured with on a long haul, and if I'd been any wider myself (I'm a 'normal' build) I'd have wound up to a bit of air-rage.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm all for a total ban on fatness in public places myself. There should be places where fat should not be seen, as it is not only extremely unhealthy for the participants in fatness, but sets a terrible example to youngsters.

    The health costs to the population are enormous, and why should it be left for the population that doesn't partake in fatness to pay the extra taxes towards the NHS treating said lards.

    Public places such as retail outlets have to deal with trying to get fat b@stards in and out of their stores, with the subsequent loss of space for shoppers who can get past them, and not only this, but offices have similar problems with lards either breaking the lifts or blocking stairwells.

    Ban them I say - it's not big, and it's not clever!
  5. Exactly! They're forever banning behaviour because it 'sends the wrong message' or would 'set an inappropriate example', so why should we tolerate the public display of fatness. As if it wasn't something to be ashamed of, or something!

    I would go further and say we should be allowed to prod them with sticks and throw rotten vegetables at them. It'll probably be the only raw vegetables the disgusting articles experience!
  6. Depends on how you define obese I suppose. As one who's dimensions are along the lines of 13.5 stone and above 6 foot I often struggle with the seats on planes although the issue is length and not width! Something along the lines of cattle class me thinks.

    Although as someone has alluded to in an earlier post there is a difference between a medical condition and the inability to stop yourself eating pies. So yes we should charge more - irrevelant of how they might 'feel'

  7. If this happens,I'd invest my hard earned dosh in an airline catering for stout folk. Anyone fancy starting their own airline....?
  8. Fat people should be beasted and baited in arenas for public entertainment.

    I have long said that when you swipe your credit card at the airport to pay for an e-ticket you should step forward onto an electric scales to do it. The final ticket price would be calculated on a kilogram basis.

    If it takes more fuel to fly Fatboy Lardbucket from A to B than I takes to fly me, he should pay more for his ticket. It should not fall upon me to subsidise his flight.
  9. As a reforming fat cúnt (I have lost 10kgs in the last 5 weeks and have a further 8 to shift), I must agree that the reason most people are fat is because the amount of calories they shovel down their throats vastly exceeds the calories they consume with work throughout the day.

    People choose to have cráp diets and drink large amounts of beer. Fine. When they want to travel they should be told to pay business class.

    Last week on the flight from Budapest to London I was in Business class (seats are 47.5cm wide FFS). A Scottish guy sat down next to me, and I was almost crushed into the window he was so fat. The lard spilled over the armrest and against me. And the cúnt was sweating like a para in a spelling test.

    Thankfully there was a spare seat once boarding had been completed and I moved, making sure the fat cúnt realised it was because of him. In answer to the question of why didn't I make him move, it would have then caused the FB to crush another innocent.

    On a personal note I would like to see airlines refuse to fly morbidly obese people on health grounds. Fat tubbies (like I was at one stage) should be made to travel in Business class or buy two economy seats. If you have enough money to spend on food and booze to become a human dirigible, you have enough money to buy a business class seat.

    Now, where did I leave my ration of celery?
  10. I have always said that airfares should be done on weight.

    You pay £x per kilo that you want to take, this includes you, your clothes and any luggage you want to take.

    Of course one of the possible downsides of this is the possiblity of luggageless naked fat people on the plane trying to save money.

  11. I give up smoking and in the eleven months since I have gained a stone.

    I can still fit into the stupidy tiny seats on the Underground train and constantly have to get up and stand so that I am not flabbed over my the guy or girl sitting next to me!

    PS. What is a kilo ?
  12. Sorry about that I am a victim of cultural pollution, by kilo I meant Kilogram or 1000 grams roughly equivalent to 2.2Lbs in real measurements. :)

    I fear I may have just been wahhed?
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator