Australia aims to lure many more Britons

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Good news! -

    In full
  2. eveyoz

    eveyoz LE

    Only because nobody else wants to live there.

  3. Bitch, get the bags packed, we are leaving the country!

    Do they still want crusty old soldiers :?
  4. chedder04

    chedder04 Old-Salt

    R G
    it all depends on how long you have been out and what quals you have

    but it beats uk anyday

    a lot of us old boys are jumping ship
  5. clever_user_name

    clever_user_name Old-Salt

    For the love of god, don't move to Adelaide.
  6. browny31310

    browny31310 War Hero

    WARNING!! there is a CHURCH on every corner not a Pub. And it closes down at 1700 Hours Friday night for the weekend.
  7. down_under

    down_under Old-Salt

    I thought we were full. Why am I always the last to find these things out?!
  8. eveyoz

    eveyoz LE

    Come to Queensland, we've got more stuff that will kill ya but you'll die enjoying the view!
  9. Apart from the overload of Churches, I don't see a problem with this.

    Everyone whinges about Germany being closed down on a Sunday, but I love it.
  10. Rainbow-Warrior

    Rainbow-Warrior Clanker

    I don't remember Paderborn being closed on a Sunday. Swimming, sunbathing and talent spotting in the Lido during the day (summer only)beers in the Porticus followed by a nice sing song in Paddy Murphy's - mmmmmmmmmmmmm! :p
  11. monkeyspanker

    monkeyspanker War Hero

    How can you be full?

    Your country's fecking massive!
  12. They can lure me anytime they like!!!
  13. Machristo

    Machristo War Hero

    Maybe we could give them a hand by reinstating the old policy of HMP Australia?

  14. nowt wrong wiff staines, mate..grew up there, still got a house there ,
    family all live there...mind you i live in germany....
    and in staines you dont get man eatting crocs , dunny spiders or snakes...

    chavs. muggers.yes but they are quite tame...
  15. maybe we could interest a few polaks...