Australia aims to lure many more Britons

Good news! -

STOP whingeing, Poms. As the British economy falters, Australia is launching its most aggressive campaign yet to attract a new generation of immigrants from Britain.

A recruitment drive by the state government of South Australia starts tomorrow with newspaper advertisements attacking life in Britain, with slogans such as "Sod London house prices" and "Screw working in Staines, hello Adelaide".
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Bitch, get the bags packed, we are leaving the country!

Do they still want crusty old soldiers :?
it all depends on how long you have been out and what quals you have

but it beats uk anyday

a lot of us old boys are jumping ship
browny31310 said:
And it closes down at 1700 Hours Friday night for the weekend.
Apart from the overload of Churches, I don't see a problem with this.

Everyone whinges about Germany being closed down on a Sunday, but I love it.
I don't remember Paderborn being closed on a Sunday. Swimming, sunbathing and talent spotting in the Lido during the day (summer only)beers in the Porticus followed by a nice sing song in Paddy Murphy's - mmmmmmmmmmmmm! :p
Maybe we could give them a hand by reinstating the old policy of HMP Australia?

nowt wrong wiff staines, mate..grew up there, still got a house there ,
family all live there...mind you i live in germany....
and in staines you dont get man eatting crocs , dunny spiders or snakes...

chavs. muggers.yes but they are quite tame...
Yes,Yes,please all go,and make a bit more room for the people,who are staying. :lol:
I had the pleasure of an extended Staff Visit to OZ ... country was very nice to look at, lovely weather, etc.

1. At an RAAF Base east of Melbourne [in wine country] I met the Brit wife of an RAAF officer. "If you like beer and barbecues, it's great. If you don't, there's nothing as up-market as Radio 2."

2. In my RAAF counter-part's house ... the men sit in the comfy chairs, and he calls for more beers from the wives standing in the kitchen.

Joking apart, 1. is tragic and 2. is gross and actually embarrassing.
Still, it takes all sorts, and there are undoubtedly many [like me] glad to escape Labour Britain.
I couldn't live in OZ, though, even though I still have mates over there.
i wouldn't mind finding out if i could stand the pace of life out there! just need to either win the lottery or find a job to do with mortars and i'll be laughing!
to be honest with you staines isn't that bad, ive got family in the area and it's good for a night out, nice birds as well

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