Ausssie buy the Abrams

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Hootch, Mar 9, 2004.

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    $550m for tanks

    THE army will buy $550 million worth of new American-made M1A1 Abrams tanks.

    The Federal Government will announce its decision today to replace the ageing fleet of Leopard 1 tanks with the huge, high-cost machines.

    The half-billion-plus purchase will provide just 59 tanks which will mean about half that number will be operational at any one time. The same money would have bought twice as many of the other favoured contender in the tank contest, the European-built Leopard 2.

    The Abrams will be based with the 1st Armoured Regiment in Darwin and at the Armoured Training Corps at Puckapunyal in Victoria.

    Federal Cabinet finalised the purchase yesterday.

    The 68-tonne Abrams, which dominated the ground war in Iraq, was the preferred choice of Defence Chief General Peter Cosgrove and senior Armoured Corps officers. Others preferred the 40-tonne Leopard 2 which uses far less fuel and is more easily transported.

    The Abrams is powered by a gas turbine engine, armed with a 120mm gun and travels at up to 67km/h.

    It offers good protection for its crew and unlike the Leopard has an airconditioning system that works.

    The tank can be totally sealed to withstand chemical, biological and minor nuclear attack.

    Some military analysts believe the Abrams is "overkill".

    Pity - Challie 2 was considered as well - guess battle survivability was not one of the Aussie requirements :wink:
  2. Uncle Dubya leaning on Canberra perhaps?
  3. Overkill my ARRSE! 8O They do the job :D
  4. Two way street - also John Howard sucking up to Washington

    USA agrees Free Trade Agreement with Australia last month - this month Australia buys SPAM tanks - No connection ?? 8O 8O
  5. Well look at the options...

    They could buy the newer Leopard 2's, the British Challengers or the US Abrams.

    I think they went for the Abrams because they're more likely to be mobilised alongside the US Army than the British Army, not forgetting that the US Army are the most wide-spread army in the world (they've got bases all over the bloody place!)...which could mean that replacement parts could be shipped pretty damn quickly.

    Plus there would be the added bonus of inter-changibility where the crew is concerned..
  6. But lets be honest if u buy the Leopard 2 or the British Challenger and then work along side the yanks ur increasing the chances of a trigger happy america blowing the s**t out of you..... :evil:
    therefore buy an america tank and start praying that they can recognise they own kit 8O
  7. well given the export success of the challey 2 maybe we got the pup?
  8. The deal offered, was too sweet to be ignored it seems.

    Really , Senator Hill?

    It's a deal, it's a steal , it's the sale of the farking century

    Would the Vickers rep care to comment? :D
  9. Might be new to Australia but they are in fact second-hand American-made M1A1 tanks.
    Twice as many ganz nue Leopards. 8O
  10. Anybody notice that Alvis-Vickers have been taken over by General Dynamics?

    Is this a good or bad thing, bearing in mind that the two companies are in competition in some markets?
  11. Almost as dodgy as Britain becoming the first country to be permitted to buy tommahawk from the spanks and the fires them all off at Kosovo, suspiciously soon after the sea trials. Only to hve to buy some more for the next round of failed diplomacy. :eek: