Aussies vs Japs the Kokoda trail

Ladies and Gentlemen I heartily recommend the Australian film 'Kokoda' concerning the legendary WW2 defence of the Kokoda track.

Very well made, scripted and acted an altogether superior war film, so good in fact I am now going to watch it again.

Many of you will have seen it but those who have not do so.
Just finished it. Good film. We all know WW2 was not soley islotated to the European theatre yet , its easy to forget what else was happening in the world at the time.

Apparently this is about to come out on DVD over here.

There is a 6 minute trailer on YouTube of one of the battle scenes - looks pretty good to me.

Seems to be a croos between The Odd Angry Shot, The Thin Red Line and Predator (with the japs as the latter - watch the trailer)...

Anyone seen the whole thing recently?
FCUK ME! Just watched the trailer. Christ that's the real deal isn't it?

Makes Saving Private Ryan look a bit tame.


Where did you see that trailer?! :oops:
Looks ok!
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