Aussies told to stay away from Gallipoli

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Ozduke, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Some may say 90 odd years to late.

    However, I know this is an old bit of news but I find it deeply ironic.

    As a fully paid up member of the Australian Regular Army I very much enjoy the way in which Anzac Day is celebrated, particularly at such a time where there are so many Servicemen deployed.

    While Anzac Day does look backwards, at its roots - how I love the fact that it's a day where "it was all my fault", Anzac Day also celebrates all those serving the country now.

    It's a day where people buy you beers if you rock up wearing your gongs - a strange concept to those in the UK I appreciate, and a veritable Waltfest, but it's a good day.

    This article talks of keeping young Aussies away from Gallipoli, the place where they have been taught is the very seat of their existance. Sad but true to say, it seems to have become another tick on the T-Shirt slogan for the "European tour". Pissed gits sleeping on Commonwealth grave sites, arguments with Turks about how the service should be commemorated, coach loads of tourists vying for a look in etc, respect seems to play a very small part.

    I agree with the comments, but fail to see how they can enforce them.

    Anyway, suffice to say I'll be tucking in to a rum at 0430 on Fri AM!!
  2. Ozduke

    As an Aussie over here in the UK I really am taken aback by the undue focus given to Gallipoli in the eyes of the many of my compatriots. It seems that the important role we played on the Western Front is simply forgotten (at Pozieres, Hamel, Villers Bretonneux and Mont St Quentin), not to mention any of our deeds in WW2 (Defence of Tobruk, El Alamein, Kokoda and Milne Bay spring to mind).

    I urge anyone to go on a tour of the battlefields of Ypres, the Somme or Normandy though. All of the trips I've done so far were well worth it.
  3. Lighthorseman, there are 3 days of ceremonies in northern France this week, including a dawn commemoration at Villers-Bretonneux on the 25th. Many thousands of Australians will be visiting France for this.

    ANZAC 2008 France
  4. "There's nothing wrong with retreating, after all the Anzacs did," she said.

  5. I know about the ceremonies at VB this year, but it shouldn't take the 90th Anniversary of the capture of VB to make Aussies aware of the Western Front.

    Also Xerxes, I agree about the retreating bit. I'm not blowing smoke up the Aussies at all as the British Army is fantastic at what it does (from where I sit anyway).

    I just think its sad that all many Aussies know about the 'Anzac tradition' is Gallipoli. We have such a rich military history for such a young (by European standards) country.

    It's also important to note that the likes of Pozieres was a tactical Australian victory rather than a strategic one. Some Aussies I know think that the Anzacs were superheroes and that the British Army (of which we actually were part) were sub-standard in some way. Aussies need to understand that they were part of a much larger coalition force and played a small but significant part in the Allied victory.
  6. Lighthorseman, I think you will find this week that the major press coverage down under will be from France.

    You might want to get hold of "Villers-Bretonneux to Le Hamel - Australians on the Western Front" published by The Department of Veterans' Affairs.
  7. How I agree with some of your comments I can't agree with the point you make about the Western Front being "simply forgotten". Whilst there is a lot of coverage about the landings in 1915 there is, in my humble opinion, a lot of coverage and rememberance of all theatres of operations and are well remembered and focussed on by not only the ADF but now a days by the general public. The reason Gallipoli is remembered so fondly is because it is the coming of age as it were by the new unblooded Army of such a young nation. This action, obviously, took place after Federation and wasn't the same Army/Militia that took part in the BAOR War. With what the Australilan Army did during those god awful days of the Great War when it took up arms for 'adventure and because of the call of the Mother country' I can never believe that their actions will ever be forgotten. I for one will never let that happen. "WE WILL REMEMBER THEM...LEST WE FORGET"
    On a lighter note, I am looking forward to tomorrow's rememberance/parade/march through the city and subsequent lager drinking/story telling. To all have a great day.

    If I've taken what you've said the wrong way Lighthorseman then my apologies and have an outstanding day mate :)
  8. It's been interesing to note that there does seem to be more attention paid towards France this year - perhaps in attempt to move some of the gits discussed in my initial post.

    Anyway, I'm off to dust off my patent boots - no polish required. I am outraged.

    Details on all uncovered 2008 Ozwalts to follow.