Aussies to sell uranium to China

Interestingly, China also signed agreements with Iran on exploitation of the oil fields there and has been gobbling up oil, coal and uranum rights in Africa and South America. The Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, has made quite an impact in the money-poor, resource rich parts of the world with personal visits and aid packages.

Every country is looking to secure energy resources for the future, hence the UKs fairly limp response to the Litvinenko assasination. This would seem to be part of a well-coordinated effort to put China ahead by a nose in the energy stakes.

China has also for years been a source of nuclear technology to North Korea, Pakistan and (allegedly) Iran. Any agreement about end-use can be circumvented in so many ways this one's not worth the paper it's written on should China choose to break it. (Indonesia/Hawk "Trainer", anyone?)

I think I'll get my tinfoil hat lead-lined, just to be on the safe side.