Aussies show the way how in how to deal with burqa

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BrandySoured, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. I got sent this today, it's a link to an Aussie TV report on a bint who tried to use the racist/religious card against a copper who had pulled her over. Backfired on her big time.

    Get it right up you bitch

    I should apologise if it's already been posted and I am prepared for my lumps if it has.
  2. Ok,

    I got a video about easter eggs !!!!!!
  3. Yep, me too! Thanks for the link BS.
  4. The link is there but I've made it a wee bit more obvious.
  5. Nope, still eggs, although I did learn that they've got Aldi in Oz, who knew?
  6. Sorted now. I did indeed make a cow's arse of the link. Still, Easter Eggs are nice. :eek:
  7. They may have pulled the vid.

    Any chance of a brief synopsis?
  8. It's still there but here you go.

    A cop pulled over a burqa wearer. The wearer went off on one accusing the cop of all sorts and it was being filmed, though she didn't know it. She then took it further by making official accusations against the cop and even going on TV all the while in ignorance of the incident being on film. She got done for making false accusations and was given 6 months.

    The best bit was her defence. She said it was someone else who made the complaint posing as her IN A BURKA.
  9. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    I can see it just fine. Might be cos they have an advert before the report.
  10. Dirty cunts. All of them.
  11. What, Aussies or muslims ?
  12. I'd normally answer "both" but in this case.....Muslims. Dirty unwashed, smelly cunts. Burn the fucking lot of them.
  13. It wasn't me guv, it was some other sheila in a burka.

    I've had the same thing at my work. An Indian lady had rang in with a query regarding her income support claim and I got passed it. She'd started fulltime work but hadn't informed anyone and now wanted a housing benefit run on and a back to work job grant. I rang her back and told her that she wouldn't get either as she didn't report a change of circumstances within the 21 days given and would have to repay any money received since starting work.

    Boom!! Straight off the bat she went nuts calling me racist, a bastard and that she would have me sacked. I tried to talk her down and explain the depts position and rules but she wasn't having it. I ended up hanging up after she told me god would give me cancer.

    She rang back later that day thinking she would get a different answer from someone else. (everyone does that, weird.) She got the same answer of course and decided to make a complaint saying myself and my colleague had been racially abusive.

    Two weeks later we were told management had decided to take no further action. Thankfully I work for a team who's calls are recorded now so its not an issue but that dopey bitch could easily have caused me problems if it wasn't for the fact that she had form for making false accusations and making abusive phone calls.

    The Race Card: never leave home without it.
  14. Fair point :wink: