Aussies Recruiting Again

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by combatintman, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. For any folks thinking about following in mine and the footsteps of others down under (and I know there are a few of you because I was suddenly popular towards the end of my career once my intent to move down under was revealed) you should be aware that the ADF are recruiting again. You need to be quick though as applications close on 11 Nov - details here:

    Recruitment Centre | Defence Jobs
  2. Forgot to add - if anyone wants more info about the realities of life in the ADF/ the Aust Int Corps and living down under feel free to PM me.
  3. has the alcohol ban been lifted yet mucker? :)
  4. Although we have a new CGS he has not rescinded the fun police policy of his predecessor.
  5. Whats that then?
  6. You mean the ban on no alcohol ... ?

    That said, be prepared, Rule Number 1 was rescinded some time ago.
  7. There is no alcohol ban but breath testing is common
  8. Too old, plus what used to be pre-requisite for entry to Australia now appears to be a bar to it.
  9. I dunno - they let me in - although I am part of that long list of people who didn't get caught.
  10. It's the didn't get caught bit that has me truely scuppered, nearly stopped me getting a tourist visa.
  11. Back to being sensible again ... strange after being on the lash all arvo ... had a yarn with the Razzer of 1 Int Bn which is like the UK equivalent - the best - AUSTINT has spaces for 8.
  12. Fcuk me ... no takers? You do know you're going to get shafted pension-wise in a couple of years don't you and that I banked the equivalent of not that far short of my gratuity for a 2 and a half month tour ... and got another 3 gongs for it?
  13. Is that right on the webiste i looked at the pay scales and according to the currency calculator a full screw transport driver is £40,000 a year?
  14. Yeah, that would be about right. That's not taking into account superannuation either.
  15. wow there wages are pretty damn good, if only i had the balls to go for it.