Aussies - Info on 2 Cav please

Any of you aussies able to tell me about 2 Cav? I may be joining the RAEME detachment there next year and I'd like to know a bit about them.

Particular Q is regarding the manning of the RAEME det, but any info on the Regiment (apart from that on their website) would be useful.

Cheers fellas
but any info on the Regiment (apart from that on their website) would be useful

Yup :)

cheers anyway
Can't tell you much about 2CAV (cause I am a Crab , but I have carried the ASLAVS in a Herc_) but if you need any info on Darwin and surrounds let me know .
any info on Darwin and surrounds greatly appreciated - are you stationed up there?
jon1467 - well spotted that man.

Nige, here is the soldiers five on Darwin and surrounds , I'll deal with the surrounds first as its very easy , Darwin is surrounded by huge expanses of what is known as GAFA , the Great Australian F**K All ,there is absolutely no where of any interest within three days driving of the place (that’s 8hrs a day driving at 120 kmh or so)so if you are planning to visit anywhere else in the country, flying is the best option .
Now for Darwin :
As Australia's northern most city Darwin is well into the tropics so despite what people tell you there are really only two seasons , Wet season and Dry season . The wet season will be here very shortly and runs until April , during this time night time temps drop to 26C and daytime temps are usually about 35C with very high humidity , most people without a valid reason for being here go back down south and don't reappear for six months (splitters). It will rain every day and it will rain hard , big F**k off drops with water stood 2 inches deep 2 minutes after it starts to rain. last years wet was a fairly dry one and we only had about 2 metres of rain for the six months , during the wet we usually have at least two cyclone warnings although we haven't had a cyclone cross the city in a few years , last years cyclone, severe tropical cyclone Ingrid was one category greater than Hurricane Katrina when it crossed the Islands just to the north of Darwin and basically wrecked the joint.
The Dry season which runs from April to October and is superb the night temps get down to 18C and the days are 32C with humidity in the low teens and just as it says on the box it is dry , as in if you plan something for 3 weeks time it will not rain ever .

It’s a modern city as the whole place was completely flattened by the Japs in 1942 and a cyclone in 1974 and has been rebuilt. Its quite small and the city centre is aimed at tourists , you wouldn’t go there to shop , there are a few suburban shopping centres for that, all the mod cons are there but Darwin is unusual in that there is no heavy industry here at all and hence no air or water pollution, Darwin maintains and is rightly proud of its “Frontier town” image and as such nearly every souvenir has a picture of Crocodile on it or is made from Crocodile. Didgeridoos are sold in most shops in the city centre as are boomerangs. Darwin is a “military town” a great deal of its wealth comes from supporting the huge army , navy and airforce presence .Soldiers are well received and held in reasonable regard by everyone except the bouncers and the narcotics squad as “robbo” has bit of as reputation as for the odd crop .

A nearly new facility, and only 10km from the city centre ,that is undergoing major upgrades for the arrival of our armed recon helicopters “robbo” has just about ever facility you could want , as I said everything is new or only a few years old so you can expect reasonable barracks , everything is airconditioned there, is an excellent gym , pool etc the messes are fantastic and the food is good .If you are a Pad most of the quarters are in the satellite city of Palmerston and they are all nearly new and will be airconned , landscaped , the works schools and child care facilities are of a good standard. I am confident you will find yourself reasonably surprised by the conditions and facilities. Of course away from “robbo” its hot and unpleasant. Exercise ranges are a couple of hours away by ASLAV and are desolate shitholes.

The major recreational past time is drinking, followed closely by fishing .
Territorians drink…. Lots: Beer (lager) is the staple and is usually referred to by the colour of the can ,for example at the drive through bottle shop ( an offy where you don’t need to get out of the car) one would procure a case of Victoria Bitter (VB) by asking for “ a slab of green cans thanks mate”. Better lagers include , crown lager and Tooheys extra dry . NOBODY drinks FOSTERS , we export that weasels pi55. Another fine drink is Bundaberg Rum (a dark cane rum from Queensland) ordered as a “Bundy and Coke” it is spirit of choice for locals who also refer to it as Queensland Fighting Juice as it seems to make people very angry .
Territorians fish … lots: the most sought after fish is the Barramundi , a curious hermaphrodite that regularly grows will over a metre in length and weighs upwards of 30kg , these are excellent eating as well as good sport , they live in rivers as juveniles and the sea as adults. Sharks are readily caught and make good eating , most fish are not in the least bit reluctant to take your hook ,and the harbour is teeming with fish . Mud crabs are easily caught with a crab pot and a fish head , good to eat these basterds will take your finger off with their claws, llegal minimum size is about 8 inches across,
Nights out. Mitchell street in the city is 2km of backpackers accommodation and theme pubs, as a result it is packed with pissed up totty thousands of miles away from home with no conscience what so ever , the dry season promises easy pickings as only the hardiest pasty skinned 20 somethings make the trek north in the wet. Slappers can be found in any of the aforementioned theme pubs. Due to the climate clothing tends to be somewhat minimal so letch opportunities are awesome in fact you need your head on a swivel day and night.
Swimming: apart from a brief period in the middle of the dry, do not swim in the sea , a wee beasty called the “Box Jellyfish “, which whilst small has tentacles several metres long, will at the least badly scar you and worst kill you I had the misfortune to get a small piece on the back of my hand and the pain was intense , the remedy is vinegar and if you must have a swim in the sea take a few litres of vinegar with you. Do not swim in saltwater creeks or estuaries the Saltwater or Estuarine
Crocodile lives here and grows up to 5M in length , this thing does not Fu*k around and will kill you then stuff your body under a log under water for a few weeks and come back to eat what’s left . At night do not go near the banks of creeks for several hundred k’s inland , they are aggressive and not at all afraid of people or boats , they have been known to jump into small craft. Each year 300-400 are trapped in the harbour , sent to the croc farm and made into shoes , the meat is good eating.
You can swim in billabongs or places such as Berry springs or the water falls in Litchfield park or Kakadu if the signs say it is ok , if the sign says crocs , believe it and you will be eaten .Freshwater or Johnston’s crocodiles are in most freshwater courses and are mostly harmless growing only to 1.5 m , my kids have one in a fish tank.

Touristy Sh1t.
As previously mentioned Darwin is geared for tourists and there is plenty of that sort of stuff , listed in no particular order.

Fish Feeding at doctors gully: go once to feed bread to stingrays
Jumping Crocodile cruise: go once to see 3M crocs jump 3M out of the water to eat a chicken on a stick .

Kakadu National Park : don’t bother, go to.

Litchfield National park : closer and you can swim at the falls in the dry season.

Various WWII sites , most of Darwin was bombed into the stone age by the Japs in WWII see for yourself.

Mindil beach night markets: in the dry , lots of hippy shit for sale but its the food vans that make it worth the visit ( croc skins and digeridoos also available).

Mitchell St , Mitchell St Mitchell St .

: the Territory is laid back to the horizontal , the Northern Territory is usually abbreviated to N.T and this refers to how you get things done here , as its

Not Today
Not Tomorrow
Not Tuesday
Not Thursday
Its on the Next Truck (from Adelaide)
Its on the Next Train ( once a week from Adelaide).

Nobody is in a rush , normal dress , is shorts , singlet (vest) and flip flops (and that’s the women) most bars will let you in wearing shorts , good sandals (no fu*king socks)and a collard polo shirt .

Other points of interest,
No open road speed limit
Higher Blood alcohol minimun than other states (.08 verses .05) when driving.
No demerit points on your licence
Low speeding fines .

In short you will find the lifestyle relaxed, the people friendly and the beer icy . If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me.
Gidday, Nige.....I'm surprised some the buckets on Diggerz can't answer any questions you might have on 2CAV, you know, as many opinions as a***holes....I was in the Regiment many years ago, so my knowledge is really old. My son served in the Regiment for a while though, and enjoyed his time.
Good to hear you making the move to Oz.
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