Aussie Walts or just plain idiots?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Sig Smith, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Just for a laugh more than anything ... no way can these two be taken seriously!


  2. They've been done before
  3. oops .. sorry

    endex then ...
  4. I was just reading an Australian online newspaper "The Courier Mail" and found the following article which features the very dicks under discussion.

    Twins Jack and George Hines arrested for allegeldy masquerading as war veterans | The Courier-Mail


    ARRESTED: Twins John and George Hines. Source: The Courier-Mail

    TWIN brothers who allegedly masqueraded as war veterans were yesterday charged by Queensland police.

    A police spokesman said two men aged 68 were charged with falsely representing to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman and improper use of service decorations under the Defence Act of 1903. It will be alleged Jack and George Hines, born on April Fool's Day in 1944, had marched alongside veteran SAS soldiers at this year's Anzac Parade in Brisbane. During the march the pair were photographed together displaying their medals.

    It prompted complaints from a member of the public who claimed one of the medals in the photo was really a surf lifesaving medal from the US. It is alleged the twins served only in the Citizen Military Forces and did not join the Australian Regular Army or serve overseas.

    Police searched the men's homes at Beenleigh and Oxenford, south of Brisbane, where a large quantity of military paraphernalia was seized, on Tuesday. Both men are due to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on October 10.

    The Act states that if found guilty, the brothers could face up to a year in jail along with hefty fines.
    The Act governs legal technicalities related to the armed forces, including how ranks of different countries can be compared, who can be compelled to serve and how medals and service may be represented.
  5. Holy Crap, I had better go hide this then...

    ...its a very special award I was given, honest..hardly anyone gets one you know.
  6. Actually, I can remember being in the chipper after one very hard training evening, identifying soviet tanks by there shilouettes,(the hardships we had to go through!) when the lass behind the counter pointed to this very badge and ashed what it was for. My mate, quick as a flash jumped in and said it had meant we had killed someone with a dagger.

    We got free chips!
  7. That ANZMI site is a cracker. One of my favourites is the bloke telling people about patrolling through waist deep snow with the South Vietnam.
  8. I do fancy the aiguillettes (ol' mate on the left), rather fetching......for a SGT(?). Wanker/s!
  9. They've been on the tv as well. Fucking muppets.
  10. they must breed them in queensland,we live in a small town called Oakey ,but we got a 31 yearold exbrummie who is a falklands veteran!and a publican in the next hamlet who delights us all with his war stories from 1964 Crown airfield in thailand,I still havent got the heart to tell him,I was there from 63 until 66 and the nearest the RE,s got to muck and bullets was fighting Noi and Dang in the Sawadi bar!!

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  11. ANZMI definitely don't fuck around.
  12. Just checked out the site, very good reading.

    I do have a tale of wankerism to tell, and mightly bored you'll be.

    A few years ago, and when I say a few I mean shit-loads, I was posted as Cadre Staff to a rather pleasant bayside unit in Victoria. Anyhoo, there was a (Reserve) SGT wearing 'west wings' and resplendent in Vietnam medals. Unbeknowence to me I thought he was legit, had no reason to question him, and he was, although self opinionated, kept to the recruiting side of the unit and 'bigged' himself in front of the ladies.

    On the piss with a few of the staff and a Sigs unit staff (west wings) and the question of ol' mate come up and who knew him re: west & Vietnam etc. Seems that the medals were legit, but the 'fast wings' were a bit of a furphy. Chief Clerk checked out his AB83 as well....hmm seems like we have a scroundrel in our midsts.

    CSM had a conversation with said scroundrel and advised to remove 'fast wings' and nothing more will be said or further action taken.
  13. ......"the medals in the photo was really a surf lifesaving medal from the US."

    That just cracks me up every time I read it. Swanning about with a swimming medal dangling from his manly. Priceless! Lazy arsed skinflint Walt!
  14. He was second in the water on Baywatch.
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  15. I see they were born on April Fools Day. Might explain things.