Aussie VC imminent

Discussion in 'Australia' started by unixman, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. Good drills that man but isn't it about time the Republic of Australia created their own awards ? Perhaps made from the metal of some Taliban rocket launcher ?

    And a second one so soon ? There'll be no bronze left for British troops awarded the VC :)

  2. Well done Bruce.

    It's just a pity that the news paper editor couldn't have taken a bit more time or made a bit more effort when proof reading the article though..

    Victoria CRoss

    One outstanding act of selflessness by the soldier to one of laziness by the news paper..
  3. They have already created their own awards. This guy was awarded the "Victoria Cross for Australia" which is a completely separate
    award from the British award. The fact that the medal is identical to the British one; cast from the same chinese cannons (prob chinese) by Hancocks is immaterial !!!
  4. IIRC New Zeeland, and Canada have their own VC as well, just Canada's has 'Pour Valour' on it.
  5. No Canada's has the Latin Pro Valore instead of French or English.
  6. Surely VC's are all from the Russian Crimean War cannon?
  7. I never knew that Aus,NZ etc had there own I thought a VC was a VC
  8. I thought so too, have to do some googling.

    Are all ghurka kukri's forged from landrover suspension springs?? urban legend.
  9. It was from the cascabels on the cannons from Sebastopol in the crimean war.
  10. I believe that is urban legend but I know that the Philippino Bolo [shaped like a kukri] is made from car springs and is a very durable, robust BFO knife and IMHO preferable as a jungle survival choice.
  11. The separate Cdn, Aus and NZ VCs only date from the last 10 years or so. Both Aus and NZ have awarded one each so far- Tpr Donaldson SASR and Cpl Apetia (sp?) NZSAS, both in the last two years.
  12. Apiata. Willy Apiata...

  13. Well done that man to earn a VC, balls of steel.
  14. Willy Apiata - clucking bell, from that photo, I wouldn't like to meet him in a dark alley, unless he was on my side!