Aussie Tigers are missing something...

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by rustygun, Apr 6, 2005.

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  1. Disregard...

    I'd delete this thread if I knew how.
  2. Can some one translate?

    VB, Fosters, XXXX, Home and Away, Runners Up 2003!
  3. Isn't it the big round thing above the canopy?
  4. Okay I see what you're talking about now. That thing in front of the rotor mast does not appear on the version I have seen photos of previously and being a front-on shot, and me being slightly pissed when I wrote all this, it seems there could be more to it than I realised at first.

    Let me go back and take another look......
  5. cruise control.
  6. Those covers have to be for either:

    a Protecting the buttons when climbing in/out

    b Reminding the crew that some sort of blank is still fitted

    c To stop you looking at what is actually on the control
  7. Could it not be a safety feature, a sort of Bollocky airbag to protect your pods in a 'Jimmy the fish killr ground handling incednet' :D
  8. XXXX/Fosters can holder/cooler. Looking at the fragility of the switches and knowing the ham fisted abilities of the Digger pilots, I'll wager the buttons dont last more than two sorties before they are all fcuked, bent or trod into the floor of the cockpit. I'll also bet they will draw in Crayola on the shiny MFDs too. Once a crim farm boy, always a crim farm boy. It should have the cockpit of a Bedford RL with switches by Duplo.
  9. It is the OH&S approved version of fluffy dice for all the chav/westies down here. The toadjuice/catpiss holder is on either side of the helmet connected by tubes a la the spam "foamdome" beloved by Homer.

    Flashy tsk tsk you should know we never give dangerous items like crayons to aircrew :roll: we leave them with the seconded imported instructors :D
  10. Is it a fire button for mong, so they dont have to worry about there hands hitting it, they can just headbutt it instead?
  11. [​IMG]

    Can anyone see that pic? All I'm getting is a red 'X' in a box.

    Yeah that's what I thought too. Although... first impression was some sort of pussy poxy red blister waiting to erupt all over the pilot's lunch.

    So anyway, I notice the Tiger is the slowest AH on the market with a max speed of 140 kts. Even the Agusta A129 WogChariot is faster at 150 kts while the Apache can crank out 197 kts.

    My question is, has the ADF purchased yet another lemon???

    Also, may I say I am impressed with the lack of greasey, grubby finger prints on the MFD. All the LCDs in what I fly are covered with marks from blind pilots who fly by touch.

    The lack of coffee cup holders is somewhat alarming......
  12. You are correct, a mix of two of things. Mainly, this was a cover to stop nosey journo's seeing what capabilities are available via the 'stick' and conveniently it also can act as a cover, though its not normally used in a real unit. The linked pic was from an airshow, and Eurofrogter didn't want too many nosey journo's poking their heads in and deducing some of what the electronics/optronics can do. God knows, theres enough journos and weirdos camping out near here....