Aussie soldiers throwing up gang signs????? why

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by soldierboy99, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. Saw this on the defence intranet and thought it strange, they seem to be affiliating themselves with Ali G innnit Blud

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  2. Can't see the photo, as it's tiny.........but, I'm not bothered
  3. What an excellent post. Well done.
  4. Having a joke and a laugh possibly?

  5. Can't see the pic please re-send cobber!
  6. well i thought it looked it a bit chippie, i'll just bore off now :)
  7. Your avitar has nice tits though!

    Hang around! Have you got her number?
  8. Yes, the OP's avatar is the only worth while thing about this thread.
  9. Fucking great tits though! D'ya think she'll get em out?
  10. Why does she have such a thin body though? ;)
  11. Reckon thats a leg and an arm!

    BUT look at the tits!
  12. No shit Sherlock.
  13. I know, I am just a poor gullible colonial.

    But where are these tits?
  14. Stop looking at your monitor, find a mirror.....job done.
  15. Sorry mate! Hers are better than mine!

    Fucking good one liner though!