Aussie slag to receive compulsory contraception.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by filthyphil, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Fuck her, piss around with drugs in a country with the death penalty for doing so and it's going to happen.
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  2. She isn't a nurse she is a health care assistant which I am guessing is a job the offending team or social worker got her.

    6 kids and all in care?

    I detect a numpty with learning difficulties.
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  3. "She's a strong girl but is also very fragile; I'm not sure how she'll cope with this."

    Her neck will be fragile, she'll cope with it like twang, snap.
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  4. This is outrageous. Apparently (according to her) she didn't do it. I therefore demand that she be released at once and a huge compensation claim wouldn't go amiss. This is just the kind of miscarriage of justice that shames the whole world.
  5. To star in a forthcoming episode of Banged Up Abroad...
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I am sure she is a lovely girl and a caring parent. Her Mothers pleas caught my heart. But let us not miss this opportunity. Stupid fuckers trying to smuggle drugs tie up police and customs resources. This leaves much more wiggle room for us professionals.

    Let us take her children into care and give her a job in a flower shop. I'll pay.
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  7. Does anyone really think they have snagged some drugs king pin?

    Have they bollocks, they have snagged some border line retard with a history of drug abuse and children in care who has been left to face the music by her "mates".
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  8. [quote["Please don't hang her. I just want the Government to do all they can. I just want her to be brought home alive," she said yesterday from her home in Victoria's High Country.[/quote]

    Not the best address when you're suspected of being a druggy.
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  9. If someone can find a tenuous link to a Squaddie somewhere in her family I'll start a facebook outrage campaign.

    Until then, kill the thick fat ginger (probably) cow.
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  10. Doesn't excuse her actions though, just being white and western doesn't exempt you from the law of the land you are in.
  11. As far as anyone is aware she hasn't been convicted of anything yet and I am not sure how hot the Malays are on hanging anyone and everyone caught trafficking.

    It's not Thialand and judicial training comes from blighty so I can't see her getting the long drop on the grounds of her just being in the same car as the drugs.
  12. Apparently when the police turned up, her Nigerian boyfriend did a runner.

    Malaysia are pretty keen on hanging drug smugglers. Zero fucking sympathy.
  13. I'm in Brunei at the mo. not far from KL. She's fucked. Zero tolerance around here is fierce. To be within range of having anything to do with meth.....
    Oh Lordy!
  14. After giving birth to so many kids when they hang her even her liver will drop out of her cunt.
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