Aussie SF in Afghan: New Documentary Series


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This - the trailer for a new Aussie TV docco series - may be of interest to those who:
(1) Follow events in Afghan;
(2) Aspire to leap onto balconies, don balaclavas (much in evidence during the interviews, you will happily note) and annihilate entire barbies full of shrimps:

First Look: Tour of Duty - Australia's Secret War - YouTube

FWIW, a long-service USSF chap I used to work out with, who subsequently trained Karzai's bodyguards, reckoned the Aussie SAS were the cream of the global SF crop.
Coming from an American, that was surprising and impressive to hear.
Watched a few parts of this series the other day, good insight for the SASR and the commando regiments (2RAR?)

Their Afghan contribution can't be undervalued considering the amount of air assets they are afforded.
The coverage of the attached Sappers for C-IED was also interesting too.

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