Aussie SAS blerk duffed up by bouncers

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Ozduke, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. Sounds like Digger needs some remedial E&E training.
  2. "secret base at Swan Island"??

    I claim the right to enter this in the category "Worst kept military secret ever" and confidently expect to be amongst the podium set!
  3. the headline is misleading to what is actually said.
  4. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.....
  5. I doubt very much that this guy was from the Regiment. Probably a wanna be or from the reserve Commandos. Definitely not from Swan Island, they aren't the big muscle head types.
    Can't imagine that a real Regiment guy would have blurted out where he worked to bouncers or cops, no matter how pissed he was.
  6. Good point. Cheers mate.
  7. The bouncers in Melbourne are worse than most other places I've been. I got "ejected" from one whilst on the urine with a bolshy Kiwi who could start a fight in an empty room. As I was being taken downstairs (compliantly I might add), one got a dead leg in on me, the other got a crafty rabbit punch in, all out of range of their own CCTV. Sneaky fat cnuts!
  8. You think they're bad in Melbourne, try Sydney - some guys from the course I was giving met me at the airport (eventually, they were considerably p!ssed by this time) and we stopped off at a pub on the way back from the airport. We were banned & kicked out because one of the guys was wearing flip-flops (thongs). FFS, an aussie pub with a dress code and I'd only been in the country 10 minutes!
  9. What else for a country founded on whores and theives?
  10. Who came from England? A pasty, uncoordinated, wingeing bunch of sporting spastics I bet they were too. At least Australia over the generations managed to build them up and make something decent from their genetically challenged origins.
  11. You've never been to Poole or Exmouth then? every nightclub queue is wall to wall SB 8O
  12. There may be some truth in the comment above Pasty, yes, thieves, the majority of us. But toe to toe, we would knock f@#k out of you faggot f@#king Aussie rent boys. I wouldnt put it past a Aussie to shout off about working in the SAS, seen as you are all a bunch of trappy C#nts. Us from England may be mouthy, but we can all back it up!!!
  13. Really? Do you mean based on cricket, rugby and other sporting results?
  14. The Aussie Regiment is based in Perth. 3500 km from Melbourne. They're not on leave currently and apart from the Swan island det and a few doing promotion courses there wouldn't be many in Melbourne.