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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sapukay, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Easy, cross my palm with silver and I will deliver you:

    The Reserve Forces Act 1996!

    I'll let one of legal beagles, Dr_Evil or some such to pore over this antipodean legislation and reach the conclusion whether it it as much shiny Andrex as our own fine protective law.
  2. Ah, the weekly "but the reserve forces of (insert county) have..." post

    We're stuck with labour, and none of the other parties give a monkeys about us. Probably best to just get on with it, eh?

  3. they are pretty well protected here. I remember being told to take annual leave when I was in the TA, which was a real prick as I only got 4 weeks a year. They would not let me take unpaid leave. Over here I must be released and cannot be made to take annual leave. If there is a unit piss up that I want to go to or anything associated with the Army my platoon sergeant just has to give me a training notice and my employer has to let me go, or he is liable for a prison term or a fine of up to $200,000. It is a federal offence to go against a training notice. This pretty much stems from the countries heavy reliance on reservists as they have such a small army. Overseas deployments to Timor and places like that come up pretty much monthly- again employer has no choice but to let you go and hold your job ope.
  4. Sounds good pommydigger, however, does it affect getting a job in the first place, i.e. do you have to let your prospective employer know that you are in the reserve, and will he still give you a job when he is told?

    One of the worries of many TA soldiers over here is that is stronger legislation came in then you may become unemployable, or at least a lot less attractive to a prospective employer.
  5. He gets the same penalty if he's found to have discriminated against employing a reservist. In fact the risk is so great that many employers favour employing reservists as I understand it.

    Also there's a cultural difference, the Aussies are much prouder of their Army.
  6. Im confident that if Britain adopted the positon of the Austrailian government retention would be a lot better in the TA. In my experience the main reason for people leaving is due to lack of support by employers. I think its about time the labour government started supporting the TA and its soldiers.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    That's the point. There is no culture here of pride in the Armed Forces, beyond a load of guff in the tabloids when it suits them - and of course the reverse when that suits them as well.

    The reason there is no legislation banning discrimination against workers being in the Reserves is simply because there is absolutely no call for it from anyone - bar a few reserves who, to be blunt, count for nothing to politicians. Reservists don't contribute to political parties - plcs and TUs do. We are a very, very, small 'interest group' and lets face it getting smaller all the time!
  8. There's a social pressure as well, a small buisness employer who screwed over an employee who's a Chocko Digger would be shunned in much the same way as in this country in the 1900's.

    The Aussies have a small regular army (6 Infantry Bns and associated arms, struggling to keep 75% establishment), and a smaller reserve element (14 Infantry Bns and associated arms struggling to keep 35% strength). The reserve element is much more PT Regular than TA (for example, Recruit Training is identical), hence the problems with staying up to strength.

    The difference between here and there can be summerised by the fact that one of their deployments alternates between a ARA Bn in the Summer (currently 3 CER), and a GRes Bn in the Winter, understrength as they are, an Australian Reservist can be activated and requires no additional training to reach regular standards.

    This is probably what our government would like, but they need to give to get....
  9. The pride in the Army here is very strong. Anzac day is a big day here and is celebrated even by the youngsters. Even the footy games on that day have an Anzac theme, which was hard to get my head round at first. I have lost count of the amount of people who have seen my webbing or whatever in the back of the car and said good on ya, for being in the reserve.

    Also with the employers discriminating against reservists, I think not only would they be prosecuted, but it would be massive news, very unAustralian, to be labelled this would probably be worse than being prosecuted :)
  10. As opposed to Sleazyfit garage, or whatever the employer of the reservist who lost their job on return from Telic. Fined £2000 and not much of a huff from the public.

    Ho Hum.