Aussie relief gunners in Helmand?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by winnfield, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. From another site. Anyone know about this?
  2. Pictures of training in UK in a recent Gunner. No sure about being from 8/12 though, more like A bty (para) belonging to 4 Fd (but based in Sydney 1600 miles from RHQ in Townsville)
  3. The strategypage assessment is flawed.

    Petardier is also wrong.

    No doubt there will be a piece appearing in our media soon about this.
  4. worked with lads from A PARA BTY they are gleaming
  5. We had a whole troop of RNZA Gunners in Bosnia, about 80% Maori, they were there as thye wanted a tour and got an invite

    By all accounts the volunteer list was huge but they could only take 30
  6. Frankly, I think it's a disgrace. When we have blokes in 100 Regt RA (V), from 289 in particular whose role it is to fill those slots - where the hell do bl00dy Australians fit into the picture ? :x :x :x :x :x :x

    I understand this is nothing to do with 100 Regt not having trained blokes, but wholly the fault of 7 who've basically stiffed us.
  7. Played rugby against the RA in Bosnia in 98 or 99, they did field quite a few Maori lads...
    The outcome wasn't good for our team!
  8. Not entirely. Very recent discussion with very reliable sources in Aust confirm they're from 8/12 Mdm Regt in Darwin, equipped with 155mm M198 (Aust was one of the very few nations silly enough to buy this) so light gun should be a neat little culture shock. It appears that they are providing a 35 strong formed troop.

    My sources say this info is not classified in Aust and believe Aust govt has made an announcement although I'm not entirely sure of this.
  9. [quote
    My sources say this info is not classified in Aust and believe Aust govt has made an announcement although I'm not entirely sure of this.[/quote]

    Although I aint a drop short I am pretty sure this news would've gotten out to everyone here via the digger net. Which in itself you can't hide even top top secret info. But today is Sunday. If it is true then good on em. About time they got to do their job, pity though it's not with Oz guns.
  10. What and nothing to do with only a slack handful of your blokes volunteering? You're SPSI has being training you for the past 18 months and doing a fantastic job of it so I believe and this is the result. You should all be compulsarily mobilised. Tell me mong boy........are you on the ORBAT?
  11. yep that was us. its amazing what having a few from a warrior caste does to a team isn't it
  12. My Bold,

    Whats the problem with the Aussies, its about time we remembered who are real friends are! Compare the Aussies to the malingering euro majority who can't be even be dragged in. On the other hand our cousins down under are bending their rules and coming up with a novel strategy to allow them to get stuck in.

    Good on them I say.

  13. Just slightly! That game (and a sevens tournament played just before we deployed) resulted in me not being able to play rugby again!

    Was bloody good fun though! Did you lot actually lose a game that tour? :D
  14. BNP member?
  15. I've no issue with them wanting to get stuck in, I agree with you they are infinitely preferable to the Continentals, there but why as part of our ORBAT, using our kit? I'd much rather they came over with their own to re-inforce us as a whole.

    Threaders, check PM