Aussie RAAC - loss of A vehicles

G'day all

Are there any Lancers on these boards? Or QMI? PWLH?

For those of you not up to speed, the ARes RAAC units are losing their 'A' vehicles (typically M113s) and being re-roled into scouting / reconnaissance using Perenties (Land Rover - derived 6X6s & 4x4s).

Being (ex and rejoining) RAInf myself I've lost touch with old mates who went down the 'bucket' route. I got to wondering..... what has this change done to recruitment / retention / morale in these regiments? Not interested in the 'official position', more what the diggers & subbies in the Sqns think.

Not a lancer but have worked with 12/16 HRL. From the blokes ive talked to they have mixed opinions- also got the impression that some choc units might end up with the bushmaster.

Though I know if i was raac id be pissed about having to re-role as psuedo infantry. No more buckets to carry around your gas burner and jaffel iron!
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