Aussie PM tells ministers to "get f*cked*

Evidence would suggest that KR is a habitual swearer - he had to make a formal apology to a female member of the RAAF, who he swore at when he couldnt get his in-flight meal as he would like it, last year sometime!

On the point you make mon_colonel, I reckon it happens across our UK Government too (although Broon being a Son of the Manse perhaps does not resort to this behaviour for religious and idealogical reasons - he'll do his bullying another way).

Here in Aus though, it does tend to occur in public life and across business quite a bit and represents a nasty aspect to Aus corporate and senior public life - Aggressive Bullying. Way too much chavvy testosterone in working society here down under, which is a shame.....It's often excused with the lamentable "I was only being "robust"...", like KR did.....Wonder if he'd be happy with some chavvy executive swearing at his Wife when he's trying to get his point acrossthen?....methinks not......the guy's a Rick with a silent "P"

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