Aussie Neighbours voice inflection

Discussion in 'Australia' started by WALL!!!!, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Do Aussie drill pigs give orders in that infuriating rising intonation that
    makes everything sound like a question(?).

    Annoys the hell out of me and is the main reason I try to avoid any contact with Aussies of the soap generation.
  2. Squad?....Squaaaaad 'shun? :frustrated:
  3. Better than the Canadian "Halt... eh?"
  4. Or the Welsh.......'Halt.....isn't it'.
  5. Or the Kiwi - Halt - Bro.....

    To answer the question - no they generally don't have that annoying lilting tone - although they do give the word of command for 'Halt' on the Right (actually, the wrong..) foot. :)
  6. No no no no no, lovely boy! It's "HALT - check - LOOK YOU!!!" (as the troeds are slammed in).
  7. Wrong halt-....aros'' or sefyll

    so" CARFAN AROS"...Squad halt
  8. See youse jimmy-squad, halt tae feck! (Scots Guards standard procedure honest!)
  9. Only if doing drill in Llan Ffestiniog, Penygroes or Pwllheli... :wink:
  10. Or Penally...brrr! That Nite Owl club still haunts my dreams!

    Edited to add...and not in a good way...James Corden and Ruth Jones ripped off my nightmares to conceive the character of Nessa!
  11. Indian/Pakistani Army:

    Preseeeent Arms innit.
  12. Just out of curiosity, what are the differences between British and Australian drill?

    I've just arrived in the UK on an exchange, and paraded with the local TA unit, some of the seniors were banging on about how weird our drill was.

    Probably just lazier I guess :p
  13. British drills are without shackles :D
  14. I thought it was just the plug that was different :D
  15. A couple I've noticed:
    1. Executive word of command for 'halt' is given on the right foot in Aus, with no check pace.
    2. Open order commands are completely different.

    Aussie drill is a little more relaxed overall,

    I also like the fact that our parade ground is grass.