Aussie Matthew Frickers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by joey_deacons_lad, Dec 8, 2010.

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  1. It has been brought to my attention that Illegal drag racing is a popular pastime of the Adelaide youth. This has lead to the demise of a couple of young soulja's and the inevitable facebook grief fest with reckless driving being passed off as high spirits. So arrsers if you want to warm up your troll accounts and waste an hour or two here are the links
    R.I.P kallum althaus. | Facebook
    R.I.P kallum althaus. | Facebook
    And as a bonus your uncle Joey will give you a page for a septic kid who held his teacher hostage at gunpoint then offed himself
    R.I.P kallum althaus. | Facebook
    Have fun Though the links look the same they are all different.
  2. Where is Darwins lampost?
  3. Charley Darwin is there
    [​IMG] By chavmong at 2010-12-08[/IMG]
  4. Ahh but I think they need a visitation from our very own Darwins lampost - i've sent him a message. I suppose Arthur Wellesley might want to pop along too.
  5. Slightly harsh but some of the comments did make me laugh.. :applaud:
  6. Yes get the boys round a lot of people have been banned but i have a quick and easy way to set up a fake account if needed
  7. Harsh, rubbish we had hours of fun with the lickle dead solja's innit.
  8. I wouldn't expect no less from you J ;-)
  9. These aussie's get just as outraged as our chavs and with the time difference you can troll them in the morning and before you go to bed. Its all day fun
  10. Fcuking hell! I think Darwin's Lamp Post has just woken up!

    Sharp comment there, (Whoever you may be)
  11. Quality. There's nothing quite like getting a death threat over the internet from chavs. They must all be in mourning cos they've all got their jeans at half mast.

  12. These fuckers love giving it the big man its hilarious i even had one befriend me in order to abuse me in chat. I then spammed his wall with gay porn and tagged him we are no longer friends :(
  13. I reckon the photo's from the R.I.P John Scarfo are the harshest I've seen yet.

    Not particulalry nice, but makes a piont about ol' Johnny blasting around everywhere

    PS. They're definitely NSFW
  14. Hahahaha fucking chavtastic
  15. hmmm let's have a little look.