Aussie in the TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by func, May 30, 2006.

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  1. i was born in the UK, but never bothered to apply for a british citizenship until last year (i was registed as an aussie with the embassy). i'm currently a serving memeber in the aussie reserves, but am getting jack of having been in for 4 years and not seeing anything close to a deployment.

    i have played with the idea of coming to the UK for 2 years and joining the TA (an infantry unit of course) in an attempt at getting on a deployment. i wouldn't join the regs as im due to graduate uni this year and am looking at some pretty good civilian careers with my degree.

    am i even allowed to join the TA since i only lived in the UK for 5 years? what are deployment prospects like for the TA? will i be able to discharge and bugger off back to aussie after 2 years? sorry fellas, but i like sun, beaches, cold beer, and a country without gypsies (on my last trip to the UK i got rolled by a gypsie in cambridge), england is not my favorite place. i've heard stories from other mates of mine who've gone over to do something similar but its always better to get it from the horses mouth so to say.

    i might draw a bit of fire for this, and its understandable, so i apoligize in advance if i offend anyone.
  2. if your born in the UK you have a Brit birth certificate. you can get a Brit passport and 'return' to Brit nat whenever you like.
    because you were born here you can get perm right of residence quite easy without having to change from Au nat.
    as an Aussie you can join the brit TA quite easy as long as you can prove your a permanant resident.
    i'm in the same boat haviing been born in the UK and spending most of my life in NZ.
    i personaly dont like to compere which is best, 'pom land or downunder' thay are chalk and cheese, either or have the attractions and benefits over the other.
    seeing i have the opportunity too, i like to live between both nations, earning the coin in the UK and spending it back in NZ where it has twice the buying power.
    its a good privilege and very adventagious to live between both nations, you should take full advantage of it.
  3. i have my passport, took more than a year to process but i have it. is there a difference between a passport and nationaly/citizenship? my british passport says my nationality is british anyway.

    true, its a little unfair to compare. i was just stirring. i grew up here in australia. my only real experiences in the UK were when i was too young to remember, or backpacking around being an annoying tourist.

    can you give me any more info on joining the TA? what are the terms of service ect?
  4. You should be looklng at doing 3 years as your 'tour' of TA service not 2. The adminers can explain why.
  5. If you want to be deployed you could join any kind of unit - they are all going at some time!

    You would have no problems joining from a nationality point of view (see the Commonwealth thread in the TA forum) as long as you have the right to remain in the Uk for at least three years, which it sounds like you do. We have plenty of Commonwealth (and Irish) types in our unit.

    I wouldnt suggest coming over to the UK solely to join the TA and go on tour. I think any unit would look at you a little strangely if you walked in the door and said 'Gday, Cobber, strewth it's cold here, got anywhere warmer you could send me!'. Besides anything else it would probably take Glasgow 6 months to process the paperwork! :D

    I'd recommend any Aussie or other such to join the TA if you are over for a few years, its a bit of extra cash, you'll see more of the country than the local Walkabout pub and you'll have a great time, but I really wouldnt make it your sole reason for coming, there are just too many variables.
  6. yeah my plan was to be in the UK working shitty jobs traveling around when i could. And getting what experiences out of the TA that i could. Thanks for the advice.
  7. You likely won't get mobilised for at least 2 years after joining anyway, no matter how much experience you have in Aussie reserves. If you don't like cold shitty weather you best think hard about how you will hack it training with the TA Infantry in the UK. If it ain't raining (or snowing or sleeting or the wind isn't trying to blow you off the side of a Welsh mountain or across Salisbury plain) it ain't training.

    If you are really determined to do it then I hope you really go for it and try for Royal Marines reserve or 4 Para. There is always TA 'them' otherwise known as 21 and 23 SAS(R).

    Good luck
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    I am not sure where the 2 year figure has grown from. You could be looking at a 3 month recruit training package with 4 Para, and then ready to go as soon as possible, subject to you being deemed up to the standard required by the Reg Bns.

    10 Coy 4 Para, close to all of the Aussie bum hangouts in London, and several colonial cousins there already.

    You know you want to!