Aussie general gets senior post at US Army

Discussion in 'US' started by yank_eyetie, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. Not that odd. Since 1998 one of the two deputy commanders of III Corps at Fort Hood, Texas, has always been a Canadian general:

    Hood farewells Atkinson, welcomes Milner to post - News - Fort Hood Sentinel

    III Corps (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  2. Not according to this page (which could be out of date I suppose):

    Fort Hood, Texas | III Corps Command Group

    Are you sure it's not one of the other US Army corps?
  3. There is also currently a Canadian general at XVIII Abn Corps:

    Fort Bragg
  4. The British brigadier is at the 1st Infantry Division Deputy Commanding General (Transition), 1st Infantry Division. Gen. Walt Natynczyk, outgoing head of the Canadian Defence Staff, was one of the III Corps deputy commanders. His government event allowed him to deploy to Iraq, where he served in that capacity. Not to mention the joint command of NORAD.

    I mentioned the "tinfoil hat " bit because a lot of people here are clueless about the depth and breath of the relationship between the ABCA Armies.
  5. Must be great on the CV...

    Provides Santa Claus TV to the world!
  6. I remember sitting in a tent at Camp Beuhring Kuwait in 2004 and getting a rules of engagement briefing from Canadian LTG. in uniform with Canadian flags on his sleeves. Funnily enough we had 2 actual Canadian citizens in our Rifle company, 1 from Kingston, 1 from Toronto. Many a comment was made about securing come Maple leaf flags for their Uniforms.
  7. Sounds like current Canadian CDS:

    Chief of the Defence Staff