Aussie Diggers 'Bludgers' say the Kiwi's

Discussion in 'Australia' started by 18.Platoon_in_Oz, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. 'Bludger' remark about Diggers on New Zealand radio angers the RSL | Breaking National News & Australian News | The Courier-Mail Targets to your front, watch and shoot!

    Look out!Classic Courier mail shit pie theres already 70+ comments and counting for this article ( the readers comments are always more interesting than the article!)

    Just waiting for 'digger dave of logan' to comment who will say something about the crap 'Engerlish' generals using ANZAC's as cannon fodder and then "Breaker" morant and then someone will say its 'un-Australian' if you are a Kiwi.....its great sunday reading!
  2. Two nobodies from NZ? Who cares? Same thing with that skinny moll on morning tv talking shit about that VC winner. It sells newspapers.

    Once we annex NZ we can sort them out....
  3. It must be said the Aussies lead the world in whingeing.

    Excellent article to raise a chuckle.

    You wouldn't have a link to when the Kiwi's beat the Kangaroos and got the world championship in rugby league? The whingeing then was pretty legendary. :)
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  4. To summarise: two chinless wonders want their 15 minutes of fame. Just another media day, nothing to see/hear here.
  5. I know the Aussies were originally transported convicts, I just hadn't realised that they'd all been transported from Liverpool because when it comes to whinging and grief-whoring, they can give the Scousers a run for their money.
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  6. Don't hear Kiwi's moan much and they did tend to get the job done.
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  7. It would be interesting to know who lost more men, supplied more men etc per 1000 population between Australians and NZs.
  8. Its an absolute belter isn't it mate! There would have been manyia red blooded male choking on his coffee this morning. Its got everything from are Aussies better than Kiwi's who are the most lazy etc.

    If you search on the Courier mail website you'll probably find something, league is a religion in QLD!

    As it gets closer to 2015 articles like this will be coming thick and fast me thinks.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Thats going to get used in all my signatures from my personal emails now!
  10. The facts and figures would probably be around some where mate. What jumps out of the comments of the article is that a portion of the population who hold ANZAC day dear to their hearts (theres nothing wrong with this BTW) don't know or cant be arrsed with the real history (odviously you get that in UK, US also).

    On an ANZAC day two years ago I had an argument with a rather Anglophobic local when he didnt believe me that the British and French also served in he Dardanelles in 1915 (he didn't know where the Dardanelles were) and was convinced that 'engerlish' officers would shoot the diggers if they started retreating back to their own trench lines!? This guy was a Vietnam Vet but I realise he would be in the minority hopefully.

    It does however highlight that fact that like alot of other nations important history, mythology takes over from the reality the 'Mel Gibson braveheart/patriot' effect perhaps?

    One of the comments asks where the Kiwis were in 1942, no where near the fighting apparently. Of course 2nd NZ inf Div was fighting the good fight all the way into Tunisia then had a hell of time of it at Monte Cassino in 1944.
  11. This is WW2 stats, not WW1. I think the kiwi's suffered more in WW1.

    The casualties were 2.245% of the population for NZ, 1.435% for Britain, 1.23% for Oz and 0.78 for Canada. If the NZ casualties per head of population were applied to the USA the yanks would have been looking at something like 2.2 million casualties.

    At the time of WW1 only about 1 million people lived in NZ, they really did lose a generation.
  12. I was in Middlemarch yesterday, small 'town' in a farming area of Otago, the war memorial had 20 odd names on it for men from the area who died in WWI and a similar number from WWII. This from an area with a population of a few thousand if that.

    The radio show was probably a bit of a wind up and it's worked a treat by the look of things
  13. I to have had words with both Aussies and Kiwis who have insisted the only Brits at Gallipoli were thick officers. Ironically one was a 2nd cousin of mine. At least two Great grandfathers of his were at Gallipoli. One with the lancashire Fusilers and one with the Connaught rangers.

    Regarding figures involved off the top of my head Allies (Brits Anzacs Indians and French) had about 440,000 all told involved with a casuilty rate of nigh on 50% with 40 odd thousand being killed. Of that total about 10,000 were Anzacs.

    One fact that is often overlooked is that a majority of Anzacs were still British subjects and not Aus or NZ citizens. I.e they Had emigrated but had not changed citizenship.
    That is a piece of information lodged in my brain from somewhere and will try and back it up when I get time as it is bugging me.
  14. This one has certainly ruffled a few feathers its the holy of holy's for a substantial part of the Aussie population.

    I 've just thought of Max Hastings brilliant book "Nemesis" published a few years ago Nemesis: The Battle For Japan, 1944-45 (9780007219810): Max Hastings: Books ,

    Theres a chapter that focuses on Australia's role in the later stages of the Pacific War he justly commends the early campiagns in PNG but is highly critical there after mentioning the industrial disputes at home and the mutinies that took place with some of the units in the field (You can't blame em to be honest)

    Interestingly enough the chapter is called "Bludging and Mopping up".

    I remember the RSL went ballastic at him for it (even though its recorded archived history) and looks like they've done the same this time though you're right it is a bit of a wind up!
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    pot calling the kettle black.