Aussie Crims have greater rights than their Victims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by browny31310, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. Not just in Australia; criminals here get treated better than victims as well.
    I don't want cons to be rehabilitated - I want them broken. In mind, body and spirit. I want our prisons to be so brutal that the few who survive them would rather commit suicide than commit another crime.
    Unfortunately, the only way to a truly just society is to first kill 75% of all lawyers, judges and politicians.
  2. As a Young soldier I met a couple of troops who had done time in Shepton Mallet, the last army prison. They where broken men just seening the rest of their service out.
    In Thailand I have know one or two forigners who have been inside, all swear they'll never go back.
    One chance, everyone deservse's one chance and then its the Three strikes rule and you are out.
  3. Having been a prison officer you may like to know that the est where i worked had a tv in every cell and a dvd player on each wing where the cons got to see the latest realeses. our dvd player broke and all i heard for 2 days was non stop bitching about us officers abusing thier rights, when i pointed out to some cons that they have no right to a dvd they put in a complaint saying i was racist to them, bit stupid we were all white british.

    the gov wanted us to call the cons by adding mister before the surname.
    It is the truth when i say that the prison is like a hotel.
    Where do you stand if a con attacks you with a chair leg, you disarm him while both falling down the stairs.2 days later the same con tries to sue you for assault because he hurt himself while attacking you.
    What does the managment do ? suspend you.
    If you want free food good films,24 hour tv, good librarys, and top notch gym facilities then get sent to a british prison
  4. Perhaps we should pay Russia to deal with our prisoners? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. 8O Shocked but only for seconds. Unfortunately, I am not surprised especially now the prison authorities (in the UK) now want to unburden the prison count and release prisoners earlier. They'll soon grant them a frigging key if they're in there for more than a month. Might as well sentence them to a Butlins holiday camp - they're get the same privileges and treatment.

    Kinda nodding in agreement with jonw and Flynn; I personally don't look down on all people who end up in prison, but the clear majority who purposely re-offend should face an experience you see in them ads you used to see about the so-called non-obvious risks of being a drugs mule.
  6. :D Just to really get you going the cons on the enhanced wing HAVE GOT THIER OWN CELL KEYS. Playstations and now freeview digital boxes. :mrgreen:
  7. Shepton Mallet ??? how old are you ?????
    it may have been the last 'army ' prison but to us ex colchester 'lads' it wasnt the last MCTC !!!!

    if you are in BK you must be talking about kwuang bang.....the big tiger :- who would go back to that ?????? lang lang ting ting I would rather rim bernard manning !!!!!!!
  8. I joined in 67. There where still men who had ben called up for National service and where still in for one reason or another. I can remember having a couple of what seemed old guys, pointed out, they had been inside the last Army nick. Quite seemed to just shuffle about, broken by their expireance it was said.
    If you offend in Thailand and get a stiff sentance, all are, you do some time in local nick then are sent down to Klong Prem Prison near BKK so you have better access to Embassy and chairity groups who assist Frang Prisoners.
    I occasional meet guys who have been inside and for what ever reason have stayed on. None are normal and yeh Mr Manning would get a clean ring piece.
    Theres a saying amongs Old Hands out here, Don't ever FCUK with Thais. Wise word in my opinion.
  9. :evil: