Aussie Commissioning Titanic II

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Good idea, we've got **** all icebergs in our neck of the woods.
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  2. Good idea, rake all those Titanic nostalgia ********* together who've been flooding the TV channels for the past year and then sail full steam ahead into the nearest iceberg.

    The chinese will of course have no problem in producing a ship with the Titanic's design features: inadequate provision of lifeboats, security gates to assist the poorer passengers in drowning indoors without upsetting the ponces and those famous cabriolet style watertight compartments!
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  3. Maybe even advertise for an Italian to Captain the ship.
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  4. Announced, designed, built and up and running in 4 years? Good job it's not BAE Systems building it. It'd be ready-ish by... 2030... and be fitted for (but not necessarily with) lifeboats.
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  5. What kind of lifeboats? I think they should bring back the Harland and Wolff H*****r lifeboat so needlessly decommissioned only a few years ago.
  6. Fitted with the latest quick sink device???
  7. Well played that man. Could we also load it with every Titanic grief whore and have Justin ******* Bieber and One Direction as the band? Then as the water got to their ankles they could play my latest composition called "Drown, You Pack Of Soppy Whining *****, And I Hope You're ******* Satisfied".
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  8. Why not just call it The Posoidon Adventure 3, or are they just cashing in on the current publicity?
  9. A Chinese Titanic? Sink one and an hour later you want to sink another one.
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  10. Well, if it doesn't slam into an iceberg on its maiden voyage and sink the Titaniacs should demand their money back...
  11. Tell them to build it properly this time! don't use cheap rivets that burst when you nudge them a bit, weld the fkuer.
  12. Just dont fill it with illeagal immos and run the big steamy ****** ashore on Lands End, we,re full up.
  13. Oh clucking bell let the ship rest