Aussie camo in Viet Nam


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Not the current set that the ADF are wearing, but Viet Nam vintage. I thought that the diggers all wore the standard jungle greens, but viewing The Odd Angry Shot, the SASR lads seem to be wearing some kind of camo pattern like the American Leaf or Woodland fatigues. Anyone know what it is?

Odd Angry Shot on YouTube
LEFT200 said:
It was known as ERDL (not sure what it stands for) and was just a very early yank woodland cam used by SF types in the 60/70s.
Yes, it was ERDL (acronym for Engineer Research & Development Laboratories) LINK
The Aussies potentially could have gotten some ERDL, but I've only ever seen diggers with greens, though I'm sure SASR troops were able to get camo, at the very least in the form of locally made tigerstripe products (favored by, but not issued to US SF types in vietnam)
RP578 said:
Was ERDL or "Leaf Pattern" standard for SASR troops? I've never seen Aussies wearing that before.
In most of the pictures I've seen of the SASR in Vietnam they're wearing the ERDL pattern, although some are also wearing greens or even tigerstripe camoflague. They didn't seem to have a 'standard' pattern of camoflague, but ERDL seems to have been the most common

2nd from lefts FN FAL(?) (did the Aussies use the SLR?) looks a bit ally to say the least - what's that under the barrel?
In this case Wiki is your friend.

" Another interesting product of Australian participation in the conflict in South-East Asia was the field modification of L1A1 and L2A1 rifles by the Australian Special Air Service Regiment SASR for better handling. Nicknamed "The Bitch". These rifles were field modified, often from heavy barrelled L2A1 automatic rifles, with their barrels cut off immediately in front of the gas block, and often with the L2A1 bipods removed and a XM148 40 mm grenade launcher mounted below the barrel. The XM148 40 mm grenade launchers were obtained from U.S. forces. For the L1A1, the lack of fully-automatic fire resulted in the unofficial conversion of the L1A1 to full-auto capability by simply filing down the selector."


Also known as the 'slaughtermatic' - designed for No.1 scout to unload 30 rounds of back the feck up (7.62mm) at a rate of knots, followed up with smoke or WP from the 40mm to effect the break contact.

Note how every single member of the patrol has a 40mm attached to their weapon.

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