Aussie Blackhawk down


Reports being released that an Australian BlackHawk has crashed off of Fiji with up to ten on board , further report is of one dead and one missing . Chief of Defence Force and Defence minister to give a press conference shortly .

Thoughts with the families of all Blackhawk crews and the Men and women of HMAS Kanimbla.


Air Marshall Houston has just confirmed that the Blackhawk was attempting to land on the Kanimbla with 10 Army personel on board during a training exercise when it was lost into the sea. One person is missing and one of those recovered later died of their injuries on board Kanimbla .

Commiserations to those who've lost a loved one or their best mucker. :(


Whilst not listed in this article , the radio this morning is reporting that the officer killed was one of the Pilots and that the missing man is one of the SASR solidiers who was in the back. The helicopter sank in 2000 to 3000 metres of water and is unlikely to be recovered .,23599,20845968-2,00.html

Watching the press conference last night it was heartening to see both the CDF and the Minister were genuinely shaken by this event and were quite emotional whilst giving out the details to the press .

The CDF is an ex Helo pilot from 9 SQN back when the RAAF had control of the ADF Helo assetts and I believe he was involved with the introduction of the Blackhawk into AUS service.


On Wednesday night when the news broke, I went into worry mode. For a number of hours it was horrendous.

I don't know how, so many loved ones cope with this type of situation.

I can't help thinking about the trooper missing and his family not knowing. I hope they find him but to my understanding he was still strapped in.

Some one once said to me that the Aussie military send out our troops expecting every one of them to come home alive. Lets hope the missing trooper does.

On a different note unrelated to the Blackhawk incident....

Cat_Funt thanks for the link ... you have no idea how important that link was to me, for that I truly thank you.


Capt Bingley's funeral is today, some way down in the attatched report is the news that neither the PM or Defence minister will be attending .Already on ABC radio the Mayor of Townsville has come out and said this is wrong , and since Parliment rose for the year Yesterday who am I to argue

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