Aussie bivi bags

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Gook, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. Seem to remember someone on ARRSE extolling the virtues of the Aussie bivi bag, apparently has a zip and a mossie net over the face and is big enough for you, your maggot and some other kit you want dry as well.

    Anyone know where you can find such a beast in the UK for no mucho dinero?

    Or indeed any good bivi bag with a zip.

  2. Issued bivi bag ... ?

    Nada dinero ...
  3. Why not order from the supplier crossfire, remember your Pound is about TWO of our dollars

  4. GOOK mate.....

    Theres a company i've got some kit from in the past called PLAT A TAC. Is a part of Platypus or platapus (one of those two) in Aus. They do really good kit and not too expensive either.

    Have you considered a hooped bivi bag? Email me if your interested as i have one and some pictures of it.

  5. Platatac(Platapusoutdoors) have a very bad rep here in Aust. Gear very poorly finished , Backpacks(bergans) collapsing during use in East Timor and Bivvys leaking overnight. I suggest using the link to Crossfire in my last post. Don't try to access the old MIL KIT REVIEW website the ADF took it out, Crossfire has a forum for unclass. info on kit. Pls PM me for further details

  6. You're right the issued one is pretty good, and costs nothing, but I am pissed off at having to wriggle my way inside, in either a shell-scrape or a basha, usually bringing the basha down in the process! Something with a zip would be nice, and after I nearly asphyxiated myself with the issue one (after drawing the opening tight-shut to keep the mosquitoes out in STANTA and wriggling to the bottom of the bag, god what a headache when I was woken for stag 2 hrs later!) I suppose the bug netting isnt such a bad idea either. But on the other hand it must still be good for putting all your kit in for river crossings.

    I'm not sure hooped is the way to go as aren't they basically mini-tents? Wouldnt be too handy for the bottom of a shell-scrape or whatever building you can find, I think normalish bivvy bag and a basha are the way to go.

    Those Aussie ones look good, especially if its 2 dollars to a pound, may give it a go. Are they big enough to get some spare kit in the bottom (like the Brit ones) so you can keep it dry and warm? Or maybe I should just try and get a zip sewn into an issue one...

  7. NO... dont put a zip in the issued one mate... ruin it - se it dont and i had a laugh the owner didn't.

    I swear by hooped bags. If you dont use the poles its just a big bivi bag with a zip to seal you in.Only used mine with the pole a few times, all the other time i use it as big bivi bag. Plus where the Hood part is... its MASSIVE! I can get my boots, belt kit, rifle and warm top (as pillow) in mine with room to spare. Another bonus is the bottom of the bag isnt goretex but the old DPM waterproof nylon stuff (like old waterproofs) so you dont get water seeping in or wera a hole in the usual goretex bottom.

    If you want a pic mate... p me you email address as i cant send the pic on this site.

  8. Seconded, and it is a great defence against insects, used it in a building in the OBUA village in Gib was to stop the mossies eating me, woke up swelling free while all the other guys looked like the elephant man!
  9. Just remember people, most of our equipment is made in AUSCAM not DPM(?)
  10. you can get a DPM version from SASS

    it is quite expensive though...
  11. Kiwi Army Bivi bags are fantastic. DPM with a mossie net and shoulder to hip zip, if you follow. I picked one up on ebay for around £50 or so. This seasons must have!
  12. Those hooped ones (SASS) seem more like a mini tent... can you use them as a bivvy bag like the issue one, in a shell scrape, under a basha etc? Its a bit of a bugger, I always like to see what I'm buying before parting with the cash - otherwise it might be "so useful" to me that it ends up in the attic and I'm out of beer tokens!

    Anyone used the Frog bivvy bag?