Aussie bitch soldiers classic escape and evasion

A sniffer dog lost in battle in Afghanistan 14 months ago has turned up safe and well and rejoined its Australian unit.

Defence officials said Sabi the dog was recovered by a US soldier at an isolated patrol base.

The dog returned to a celebrity welcome from visiting Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and US commander Gen Stanley McChrystal.

The black labrador bitch was with a joint Australian-Afghan patrol that was ambushed in Uruzgan province in September 2008.

Nine Australian soldiers, including Sabi's trainer, were wounded in the exchange.

One of the army patrol injured in the attack where Sabi was lost was Trooper Mark Donaldson.

He was awarded the Victoria Cross in January for rescuing a wounded interpreter under heavy machine gun fire during the ambush.

"She's the last piece of the puzzle. It's a fantastic morale booster for the guys," he said when he heard of Sabi's return.
Part of this site are going to rat shite but occassionally a gem appears. Excellent post.
(The way he is looking at the ball the Aussies have probably got him lined up for the next ashes :cool: )
As the "owner" (aka servant) of a black lab bitch I raised a smile at the length of time Sabi took to RTU. Clearly, like mine, Sabi took her own sweet time wandering back, ignoring any and every lawful command, savouring every piece of animal or human excrement on the way, chewing whatever and any piece of furniture encountered and generally being disobedient, surly, bad-tempered and deaf in equal measure.

Oh, and in the unlikely event she came upon an Afghan sofa - I bet she shat behind it.....

Welcome home Sabi! :wink:
Lets see if I have got this right. A devoted dog handler and his "partner" were on active service.
She ratted out and legged it when the sh1t hit the fan and left her poor handler to save the day. Then she swanned off for over a year leaving him to crack one off on his own.
Now she turns up out of nowhere and gets a hero's welcome.

Charge the bitch with desertion in the face of the enemy.
I think she's been brain washed by the Taliban ala "The Manchurian Candidate". Or she's secretly had explosives implanted in her to explode when she meets the Aussie PM (which she probably will).
She's a fifth columnist, shoot her before she does any real damage. :D
Question is will she write a book about the whole thing or is she muzzled by some Australian MOD rule
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