Aussie arsonist, 39, charged

Discussion in 'Australia' started by scrofula, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. And to appear in court on Monday to answer charges of causing death by arson, starting bushfires and being in possession of child pornography. Defence lawyers said he is in a "fragile mental state". I do hope there is some loophole in Aussie law that allows for the death penalty. If there isn't, they're going to have to lock him away in a prison all of his very own, guarded by robots, not humans to preserve his personal safety.
  2. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Fragile mental state??? I would be too if I realised that I had killed dozens of people.

    Australia doesnt have the death panalty. I would allow him complete freedom in the bush provided that people equipped with flamethrowers were to steadily and remoreslessly push him to his own choice of suicide or being dry roasted.
  3. And yet, I somehow struggle to feel sorry for a country whose national pastime is cooking outdoors on hot coals, in an arid country, with lots of dry vegetation.
  4. I agree mate, but first they have to have a trial and with all the do-gooders wanting his rights upheld it could be a long time before people in Oz get any kind of justice, as for his " Fragile Mental State " fcuk him, if he's guilty they should be able to do the cnut in, your mates with the flame throwers sounds like poetic justice to me.

  5. This guy is definitely going for the most hated man in australia title with those charges, all he needs now is a manslaughter charge for killing Skippy and he's there!
  6. He definitely does seem to be a candidate for that old one of knob in vice, rusty blunt hacksaw nearby, in a burning barn, a few liberally located landmines on the way out.
  7. Arsonists..... those misunderstood comedians that werent permited to join the Fire Brigade.

    The Ancient Romans had a perfectly adequate punishment for arson.... Regardless of whether anyone died as a result.

    They burnt the arsonist to death.

    Has a certain irony to it, and if you think about what happened to London in the Great Fire of London, now think what would happen to a Roman city... which probably had the same standard of fire fighting.

    Makes sense to me.

    Good for the arsonist too... they get to watch the pretty flames up close.
  8. That "do-gooder" sympathetic approach may apply in the UK. But this is Oz who don't mince about.

    Remember when a boat packed full of illegal immigrants tried to enter Australian waters? The Aussie response being turn around or we'll sink you.

    It wouldn't surprise me if they brought the death penalty in just for this.
  9. I hope you're right about the aussies bringing the death penalty just for this wnaker dinger but I doubt it somehow, my Aussie mates on the blower this afternoon reckon they should set him loose in the bush [ without matches] and let the bushmen track and slot the fcuker and leave his sad carcass to rot.!
  10. Forget the bushmen, they'd be clean and quick. A busload of drunk opal miners, that's more like it.
  11. hey scrofula, I think what my mates were saying was that, the bushmen know a hundred ways to kill you slowly, very slowly!!!! I bet his family too will come in for some stick, mob fury and all that, but who can blame them ?
  12. Dont worry the do-gooders will be out in droves screaming he wont get a fair trial. Those days of hard ass policies are over, Labor are back in power here and with them every do-gooder, far left nut job hanging onto their coat tails.
  13. I think you're right sierradelta, but what a pity, the world has gotten too friggin lenient in all things.
  14. Remember that every do-gooder will never stick their neck out. This one will not find any pals down that line. They know they will be lynched.
  15. This "alleged" arsonist is just the first; several other fires are reported as deliberately lit. A photofit of a 'person of interest' over a fire in inner suburban Ivanhoe was posted in papers and TV.

    Feelings are running high: looters have been seen and there may have been violence already. Angry survivors/residents have put up signs, "Looters will be shot," and they mean it too. I would, and the fires stopped 12 km from our place.