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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Feb 26, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Solidarity Brothers!

    Seriously makes a change to hear someone else (other than us!) complain about the standard of their kit.

    Their higher echelons sound like they're a little too far 'up' themselves.
  3. same thing will probably happen here as the chain of command don't like not being able to censor what passes up through it. And the Truth in higher echelons conflicts with peoples pet projects and career plans.
    I personally think this site allows us to discuss things in a fairly Adult way and If there are subjects appearing that are causing discomfort in higher levels then they need to look at why they are appearing not in a witch hunt type lets blame someone but a what has gone wrong to lead to people thinking like this.
    Maybe someone from the chain should look at making an offical Arrse were they can feed back, correct and explain it might actually help raise morale in some areas.

  4. Oh aye, but it seems a bit OTT to say that its a security threat
  5. they complain longer and harder than us though. That's a short story on boots.
  7. have you read the bit about their 'centurians'? 7 serving soldiers with 50 years military experience between them. thats only 7.142857(r) years in per soldier. masses of experience.

    has anyone registered with it? is it anywhere near as good as ARRSE? please tell me its not GI Jargon/
  8. No need - you'll probably find enough of those quite high on the food chain read the posts here on a regular basis - or have their brew-bitch read it for them and precis it for perusal over tea and toast (or scotch and soda/G+T - sorry PoD!).
  9. They already have in the form of Club Army started by DInfoA. The problem with the site was that you had to register giving personal details so you know that persistently speaking "off message" is likely to lead to an interview without coffee and buscuits, so the feedback was muted and usage lower than DInfoA expected.

    In fairness to DInfoA it was probably a genuine attempt to get fedback, but it was hampered by its official nature. As far as ARRSE is concerned I have it on good authority it is known right at "the top of the office", but it carries little interest as anything other than a broad G2 source on the gripes of the day. Although there have been some first rate discussions on this board facilitated by the odd v senior grown up who would come in from time to time many of the issues raised are from an administrative point of view to be dealt with at Rgt level or lower, which is why it doesn't feature too heavily at 2* and up decision making.
  10. Have you been manoevering in the area of the drinks cabinet, Woopert? If " doesn't feature too heavily at 2* and up decision making..." perhaps there's too little moral courage being displayed at slightly inferior shoulderboards - or are there no issues which really need to be raised at that level? I doubt it. Of course, real moral courage means the possibility of a halt in career progress.........
  11. I would be surprised if the hierarchy tried to take any action over this site. We often turn blind eyes where it suits us for a multitude of reasons, just as applying some rules to the letter would prevent us doing our jobs or lower morale to a level where a unit becomes dysfunctional. Trying to close this site or to prevent participation would be like trying to stop bitching in the Colonel Gadaffi!

    What is sadly possible is the prospect of Buff Hoon or one of his lackeys getting the hump over the site and applying pressure downwards, perhaps with the help of the Torygraph or Times.

    Rules are for fools to obey and the wise to ignore....
  12. We have friends in some places higher than 2*. Indeed there are one or two Members (what an apt name, one might think when meeting some of them) who regularily scan the forum.

    If the very senior management doesn't at least get a precis once a week then they are certainly missing a trick.
  13. Turp - nah mate, its moreso aimed at getting feedback on reviews and recommendations for more kit to addition to some other stuff.

    If the opinions posted were just "This is crap, so is this and this is REALLY crap" then I could understand why they may want to shut it down, because its illinformed.....but its not.

    They give detailed reports, and have well informed opinions of various bits of kit, and I think THAT is what worries the cnuts upstairs.

    However, by trying to gag the guys, they're defeating themselves as the website is mentioned in every report I've seen, so people check it out and SEE the damage that the issued boots are doing to their feet.
    Pretty nasty damage..
  14. Is this another example of:

    Preserve democracy, don't practice it!
    :oops: :twisted:
  15. cheers export