Aussie army chief puts head above parapet

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by retread2, Oct 26, 2012.

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    While what happens 'down under' may be only of passing interest (if that) to the broader ARRSE readership, I wondered how much of what Lt Gen Morrison has had to say applies to the position the British Army is in and whether his UK equivalent would be expected to comment along similar lines.
  2. Career Suicide. He must be getting ready to retire. Never before, well in recent times has such a serving senior figure in the ADF voiced their concerns publically.
  3. That's right, he'll have to scrape by on a Lt Gen (or LTGEN!)'s pension. But seriously - perhaps a man of principle?
  4. However, it would appear that either he was quoted partially or out of context, as later the same day he made a keynote speech at the University of Canberra, which was televised on A-PAC here in Oz, where he explained in greater detail what he meant and how it should be viewed against the potential roles of the ADF' now and in the future.

    Not quite as controversial as it is reported here and is broadly in synch with the government of the day's policies, in that they have no crystal ball and haven't a feckin clue how or what force estimates they should use just beyond the horizon for whatever may or may not be need to keep Australia secure..........
  5. Thanks for that Toptotty (concentrate now) but I would be worried about anything that was in synch with the 'Government's' policies ...
  6. Is this the same Aussie General who took a slating on ARRSE recently (me included :))with regards to his "zero tolerence" drinking policy?
    I confess to knowing diddly squat about the ADF, but having read the article, it is clear they are also the easy target whipping boys of Politicians who see reductions in defence as an easy win, because nobody will fight back. They may be on the other side of the world, but Aussie Politicians are obviously cut from the same cloth as our own. *******.
    Good on the General - enjoy your retirement.
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  7. No that 'anti drinker' retired last year some time. This bloke is the equivalent of the CGS.
  8. Thanks, even more respect for him now!
  9. Seems there may of been words spoken prior to 'weapons loose', or a moment of brain fade. I'm too much of a tight arrse to cough up the beer tickets for payway, so here's the teaser:

    Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

  10. Don’t know if it’s career suicide or covering asses due to legal and/or criminal proceedings in the offing: best to make the army’s position clear.

    Didn’t the British Army carry out a survey as part of the HR review and found sexual harassment and bullying rife although nothing like the stuff that is alleged to have happened in Australia? Aren’t the top brass trying to stamp this kind of thing out in the UK albeit in a less dramatic fashion?

    I suspect (or I’d like to think) it’s a matter of principle for this Aussie general as the wording is pretty strong the essence being “if you can’t behave then get the **** out”. He perhaps sees the wider implications of what’s happened. First, at a time when there are cut backs in the military, the reputation of the army is paramount to keep the good will of the civilian population and their representative (i.e. parliament).

    Second, if you’re trying to build a professional army the effect of soldiers behaving like that is very serious indeed. This is of course a personal opinion, but men who behave like that, in whatever walk of life, are inadequate as men. They’re trying to prove something. I’m sure the military attracts its share of such people but really think about the implications for other colleagues who have to fight along such soldiers. Their personal discipline has already broken down and they are in effect cowards and liars for taking advantage of people who are vulnerable. In a life or death situation there is no way I want to be dependent on such a person! They cannot be trusted.

    “Common get real, this is the army!” some of you may say. Yes, I understand the humour, the testing of female to see whether they’re up to it, etc. but this a different order of behaviour and there is nothing imperative about it just because you’re in the military.

    I was reading Bear Gryll’s autobiography and he states he was a virgin until he married at the age of 26 and also talks about the incident where he had to share his bed with a female and wouldn’t touch her because of his religious principles. He got flak from his friends for this but stood his ground nevertheless.

    It made me wonder what kind of soldier would admit to this? In my view it’s someone who is supremely confident in himself as a man and doesn’t see his sexuality as an extension of it. He has no need to prove himself in this way. Just watching him in action one gets a sense not only of his superior soldiering ability but also a superior human being. He commands the absolute loyalty and respect amongst his close knit team, all of whom are ex SAS or Para, not only because of his leadership ability but because of his personal integrity and self-discipline.
  11. Nighty-night.
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    Truly wonderful.