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John Curtin, Australia’s revered World War II leader, sought a secret peace deal with Japan as late as mid-1941, just months before the war in the Pacific broke out, according to a new history.
More than 60 years after the Pacific war, evidence found in Japan reveals that Curtin reached an agreement with Japan’s first ambassador to Australia, Tatsuo Kawai, for Japan to guarantee Australia’s freedom from attack in exchange for Japan’s access to iron ore in Western Australia. After a series of confidential meetings aimed at preventing war, Curtin, then opposition leader, called off his efforts to trade iron ore for peace.
jezus, that books going on my 'to get' list.
That's up there with Deighton's XPD.

Anyone been leaned on by the Defence Signals Directorate yet?
Strange.. The future Aussie prime minister from 1947 to 1963, Robert Menzies, was known to his opponents as Pig-Iron Bob for selling iron to the Japanese when he was Attorney General in 1939.
I talk to one Yank on one of the Thai nightlife boards, old Nam vet and lecturer at a Thai university. He has a wide intrest in SE Asian afairs and I sent him the web site which was new to him. A third party took serious offence and posted a nasty reply Questioning how I could demeen Curtis and Australia. This is despite the fact the info cums from an Aussy newspaper.
We live and learn.
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