Aus or British Army?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Stewi, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I am still in the process of deciding which Army to join( British or Australian ) and seens how I come from South Africa I don't know which one is better.

    Any advice will be much appreciated.
  2. To join the Australian Army, you will need to be an Australian Permanent Resident (i.e. Have a visa) as a minimum.

    To join the British Army, you will need to be in Britain, not sure how the immigration process works there, however it is possible as there are loads of Saffas and Fijians in there :)

    How about doing both? Join the Brits for 22 years and then apply to transfer to the Aussies - ther's about 600 Poms here who have ...
  3. Nige,

    As a Saffa the Aussie army appeals to me more ( being out in the bush most of the time ). I do know about permanent residency and have already applied and my application has been forwarded to somewhere higher up I suppose. But I just want to know if the Aus army is better to join than the British army in terms of lifestyle, operations, training etc.
  4. No worries mate - so are you a member of the SADF?
    I'd say the Aussie Army wins on lifestyle - nicer housing, better pay on Ops and (apparently) lower tempo.
    Poms are good overall - pay is better over all, however Aus pay is plenty to live on.
    Poms win on equipment - ADF still use Carl Gustav 84mm and trucks etc. are showing their age.

    Couldn't say one is better than the other overall - you'll have a great time in either army.
  5. Thanks mate for the reply,

    No I am not part of the SANDF ( what a bloody joke of an army ). I am still 17 and am joining the army next year. Well to me I think the Aus army looks better, so I think Im going to start my application with the Aus army.

    Are you in the ADF Nige? If so is there quite a good chance of goining on ops ( Afghanistan, East Timor etc. ) in RAA?
  6. your best bet is to contact the relative embassy's in SA,to find out if you can or can't join and find out what the ins and outs are for joining.As for which to join both armys are well trained and australian army have a few ex brits init anyway.I also believe the aussy's still use the queens regs same as the british army.
  7. Thanks, Im going to e-mail an address I found on the internet and see what processes I must go through to join the ADF.
  8. Go to work in the Pilbara mines, make a mint, and spend your days off playing cowboys and illegal immigrants over thousands of square kilometres of wilderness. You want bush? We've got it in Texas size lots . . .
  9. :eek: Just checked out that link! Awsome regiment, just one problem is that they are reserve. Are there any regular regiments similar to the Pilbara regiment?
  10. Hi Stewi,
    The Regional Force Surveillance Units (Pilbara Regiment, Norforce and 51 FNQR) are Reserve units, however they do have a regular army element, usually drawn from Regular Infantry, however RAEME, Int and RASIgs also provide regular staff.
    RAA have had a few guys on ops, attached to a British unit, however it was one troop from the entire Artillery, so chances of deploying on operations are currently pretty slim. The RAA do deploy in an infantry role to Solomon Islands.
    Best bet for operations is either RAAC (Cavalry - not Armoured), RAInf, RAEME or RASigs.
    Also, as a SA Citizen, you shopuld be aware that should you join a foreign defence force, your return to SA may be extremely difficult. The SA Government passed some pretty serious legislation last year regarding serving in foreign armies.
  11. Thanks for the reply Nige,

    About the legislation, it was proposed by the then Defence minister and only considered by the the President who have now both been fired and have both joined opposition parties. The acting President has no intention of actually signing the legislation at the moment as he has more important issues to address first like trying to keep the country from becoming another Zimbabwe.

    But I have considered my options if they do sign the legislation and when I join the ADF I will have to take Aus citizenship within 3-6 months and then the SA goverment cant do anything.

    Also the legislation only really applies to mercenaries and those joining armies that are not Commonwealth countries, so I would be allowed to join the Uk, Aus or NZ army without having to be thrown in jail when I return to SA.
  12. I was on the RAAF website and saw the ADG ( Airfield Defence Guards ), is it similar to the Uk RAF Regiment and what do they do?
  13. Stewi,

    Do you have Australian citizenship or a Permanent residence visa? If not, mate you are wasting your time even looking at the ADF webpage. They will not take you until you have that visa in your passport.

  14. Yea I have permanent residence, I applied not so long ago and was accepted. I just want to know do I have to have a physical address in Aus or is it ok if I just have my permanent residency?

  15. Well if you have all the right ticks in the box apply. However I don't believe you when you say you have permanent residence. The visa system is very slow, it takes about 18 months to get approved, so you would have been just over 15 when you applied. Stewi what sort of application did you have? You normally get a temporary visa before you arrive in Australia and then you get the permanent one after a year or so. At least that is how it was early 2000's , things may have changed but I doubt it.