Aus - NZ merger ???!!!

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by Charm_City, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. Saw a piece on the BBC website today that says there is growing discussion in NZ about becoming the seventh state of Australia. Is this just journo-bollix or is it a serious movement in NZ?

    Article here

  2. Simon Schama was on about it this morning (sun) on Radio 4.

    I was surprised to hear it but it seems that in a recent poll one-in-four Kiwis were in favour, and over half thought it was a topic that should be looked into and discussed.

    It seems the NZ to Aus brain drain is having a drastic effect on the Kiwi economy.

    They are a nation with a big reputation, but there are less than 5m of them, possibly less than the critical mass required to be a first world nation.
  3. Would that be the white settlers or the indiginous Māori?
  4. There's plenty of Maoris in Aus nowadays, probably don't really care.
  5. There is a lot of Maoris in Australia, taking advantage of mutual settlement and work rights in each others Country, I have met Kiwis in Sydney, Alice Springs, and Aussies in Auckland, so its a two way street, they seem to prefer that.

    Having been to both Countries, they both have different characters and history that created the unique national National Psyche of each Country, I have had the opportunity to attend ANZAC day in both Countries, it is marked in a similar way but with their own take on it.

    It would be a shame for them to merge but then its their own free choice, one thing for travelers is that UK passport holders don't need a Visa for NZ but an ETA for Australia, that could change to ETA for all, immigration rules could change, Aus got enough people, whereas NZ is crying out for more suitably qualified people as it is under populated for its size.

    my 10ps worth.
  6. Thanks for the info Nige and Semper. Didn't realise it was like that, maybe I should have asked my brother who lives in Australia. :oops:
  7. It's not a bad idea -- Disney could make NZ into a theme park: the rest room at the end of the universe.
  8. Never going to happen, purely becuase the Aussies would whinge like fcuk when none of their players could get into the new combined rugby team.
  9. Are the Kiwis hoping this will make them less boring at parties?
  10. mostly bollocks put out by the 'federal faction' and depends what part of godzone your in.
    on the NZ MAINLAND ( the south island that is, not the poncy north island bit) there has been various 'South Island Partys' over the years ( and one attempt to blow-up the inter-island power cable 8) ) and theres more of a following to an independent south then a merger with OZ.

    the sooner the better too............... speaking as a NZ Mainlander.
  11. I'll ask my fellow kiwi's on Saturday night at the annual ANZAC Day service up here in Dublin about amalgamating with Australia (I'll wait until they've put their drinks down!). :D
  12. We already have Tasmania, we don't need any more cold, wet islands full of country bumpkins. :wink: