Auntie Sharon

The six to seven year old kids are told by teacher on friday, to find out what a proverb with a moral is and to give an example when back on monday.
Katie sets off first with." The moral is,if you eat healthy food like an apple each day, it will help to stop you being ill and the proverb is, an apple a day keeps the doctor away." The teacher gives ten out of ten. James is next with. "The moral is, don't rush into doing something before you have learned how to do it properly. The proverb is, do not try to run before you can walk. The teacher gives ten out of ten again. Simon is next with. "Auntie Sharon was in the Gulf War and came under attack in a helicopter. She had drunk a bottle of scotch and slid down a rope with a machine gun and killed 120 of the enemy. When she hit the ground, she was out of ammo, so she grabbed up a sword off a dead guy and cut the heads off the remaining 15. The teacher was horrified and asked Simon where he'd heard this, because he'd got it wrong..there was no moral to this awful story. Simon replied that he'd heard his uncle tell his dad and that his dad said that the moral was.."Don't ever fuck with Auntie Sharon when she's had a drink."
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