Aung San Suu Kyi would you?


Do it?
Lets face it she's been locked up indoors for years and she'll be gagging for it, those monks would be no use to her and she might have a cracking drawer full of ann summers toys by mail order!


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She is a principled, courageous and intelligent lady, with a deep and abiding love for her country, a respect and ambition for her people, andhas been persecuted by a cruel and barbaric, opressive and misogynistic government. And all you lot can do is argue as to whether you would give her the option of rejecting your tiny and insubstantial, sub-standard offerings?

I would! She is ok for har age, and would welcome a well-proportioned chap,
Too damn right! I've had a thing about her for years, she looks like as Oriental version of my Primary 4 teacher. I wanted to rattle her doorframe even before I knew what it was about.
Three years later, now she's been released, time to bump this thread and say ... I'd be honoured. Though I might be confused by the fact that this woman has more balls than many blokes I know.

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