auld sapper

any one got a link to auld sapper and stumpies posts. I know stumpie had no hand in the writing before any of you wags pick up on this.


"Now, one day, twas in the summer as I recall, we were out and about in a green,white and gold part of the land, spreading the peace and impartial goodwill message to the CivPop along with a section from the RHF, in shirt sleeve order, proudly displaying thier 'FOR GOD & ULSTER', RANGERS F.C.' & 'UVF,UDA,F*CK THE POPE AND THE IRA' tatoos for the delictation of the locals. Twas a feckin' long, long day I can tell you and we were mightily glad to RTB that evening."

Everytime I read this paragraph I crease up. Fucking outstanding!
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