August bank Holiday -- foriegn trip idea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Zambia616, May 11, 2006.

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  1. Zambia616

    Zambia616 Crow

    Thought of idea for the august bank holiday

    while looking at african Safari's

    Treking Kilmanjaro
    White water rafting
    Game viewing in kenya

    Overthrowing Current Mugabe Goverment in Zimbabwe

    This latter one got me thinking , however its a one shot only deal with a minium 2000 person booking. The list of supplies is endless however I asked around and this bloke called De chastelian says he has just come across a bulk supply off everything anyone could need... he picked it up on his last job.

    So far however the only candidate to replace the current rev honourable president for life Mugabe is John Prescott. who just signed up this week?

    So if anyone is availible for two weeks intensive "paintball" , first two weeks in august sign up ...

    Oh in case anyone thinks this is not on , I downloaded a document from that proves beyond doubt that Zimbabwe has
    weapons of mass destruction. (the document does not specify if it was a Catholic or Protestant mass, but we are sure it was destroyed)
    However if it was on the internet it must be true !!! 8O