August 1914

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by tropper66, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. ""2 August 1914 was a Sunday. While many people in Britain were enjoying a bank holiday weekend, across the Channel an order for mobilisation was made by the French government. Poster from the IWM Art archive.

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  2. How come no mention of Service Aéronautique?
  3. The STA Service Technique de Aeronautique was only formed by decree on 21st August 1915
  4. History of the Armée de l'Air (1909

    1909 surely? Or 1912 if you want to be precise.

  5. In Feb 1910 Colonel Hirsehauser formed the first French military aviation unit but it was not called the STA until 1915, source Janes 1918
  6. Still didn't get a mention on the original poster though.
  7. There were only 900 pilot licences in the whole of France in 1914
  8. You would have thought that 21 Squadrons of aircraft might have merited at least a mention on a "Lets get 'em boys" poster?
  9. No Idea the IWM sent it to me thought it quit interesting,
  10. Hard to imagine what it must have been like to have your entire country mobilise for war. Impossible to imagine it happening in UK today: hardly enough kit to arm a couple of Divs, and 98% of civpop wouldn't give a sh*t unless it interfered with their TV schedule...
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ....on the other hand 3 million old and bold ex-Cold War Warriors would be descending on their local (closed) Unit with a rabid gleam in their rheumy eyes demanding an SLR, 200 rds of 7.62 ball and a Chinese fighting suit.....
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  12. You betcha. But my bus pass doesnt cover travel to Aldershot.
    Can I fight from home, cos I sussed that from my attic winda I can cover most of my neighbourhood and there are some fellas I want to pop before I have to change locations.
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  13. Goatman

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    ...bloody hell DH - my stock soars - must have been a good post to tempt you out of hiding!
    ( one of the most horrifying bits of that glum 80's nuclear war mockumentary 'Threads' was the idea that come the dark day, the Government would be arming traffic wardens with SLRs as auxillary units...I kid you not.....basically the premise being that anyone in uniform would be pressed into civil defence/gendarmerie role <shudder> .......thank God 3rd Shock Army was held at bay by you and your gallant band of 'speedbumps on the way to Calais'...well done !)
  14. Would they have been part of the Army as our flyboys were?
  15. Indeed, My G.Grandfather started off RWF and transfered into RFC, he refused/wouldn't apply for his Medals as he hadn't spent time in a trench!