August 13th

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Twyman, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Hey, I'm clearly new of course, and thought I'd welcome myself here!

    So yeah - I'm starting basic on the 13th of August!!!! *******, about time. (I started the application process in January...I finished selection at Glenclose and got my date in...errrm....26th of May I believe - Can't remember rightly, but not important eh!).

    So yeah, here I am!
  2. I'll be in Pirbright. Which will be quite cool, as that's right next to my hometown. Although I was in Blackpool for the last 6 months, and right now in Florida visiting my parents.

    After basic, I'll be going to Bordon to train as a VM! Looking well forward to it!
  3. I should see you there then, Pirbright August 13th - going for the Artillery though.
  4. Haha, that's ******* awesome mate! The bloody wait though, is agonising eh.