"Auditors" Police, security guards etc


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There’s a video where he goes to an RAF base somewhere and tries to provoke the guys there

I hear those RAF Reg guys are badass.

Crossthread points.
Seems the search was justified but what screwed them was they never had shoulder numbers on show, which is very stupid not to considering they are dealing with a filming incident


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I'm astonished that on a sort of ex military website, where many of us stagged on and security was a big issue, that so many people are poo pooing the idea that these frauditors pose a security threat.

Speaks volumes about some of the active users in my opinion.
I don't understand the point of overtly testing / challenging / goading someone (whatever their job); don't these "auditors" (as someone put it) understand that the copper etc will behave better when they know they;re being filmed :rolleyes:?
Sticking a camera in my face will result in my using it on you for a DIY colonoscopy
We had a Christmas card from our local ASU with the registration numbers of all of our civvy cars listed within it.

Why didn’t you change them periodically like everyone else.
Speaks volumes about some of the active users in my opinion.
I spent over 10 years exercising close PERSEC because of my roles in MOD and across Whitehall, retiring over two years ago. I've served widely on ops and closely supported other HMG activity and on the basis of this experience, I do not lose sleep over the often-annoying (but legal) activities of AB. I do lose sleep over the gaffs he exposes - constables and security guards abusing their oft-limited powers - and very poor opsec. Perhaps the various constabularies should use these videos as an audit of their own site security?

On the former issue, if you want to have a laugh, look at his video when he filmed a Welsh Government building. Coupled with my recent experience of being hassled - quite without reason - by security guards when I was in a public place taking photos - I do get concerned about creeping authoritarianism and presumed guilt by police forces that are increasingly para-military in their look and approach, whilst contracting out regular policing to a bunch of poorly paid, poorly trained buffoons - who have no effective powers to control egregious behaviour.
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My pen is what?
Does anyone think this is acceptable?

Very over zealous by the inspector, if he indeed is.
Went from 0-100 within a few seconds.
I’m it sure what’ll happen with the guys complaint thought.
1. Do you believe its acceptable to point a camera in somebodies face, lets say when they're eating a meal with friends chatting and record?
No, I don't, however: firstly this is unlikely to be in public and secondly could be construed as harassment if it is a repetitive or habitual act. Taking photographs of people in public does not require their permissions; the exception is if the images (say, of children) are thought to be indecent. We might not like this but neither is it against the law.

2. Do you understand that there are legitimate security concerns around recording areas, like around police stations, prisons, banks etc.?
In some cases, yes (see my earlier post). But except for sites specified under SOCA 2005, it is not illegal. See also Google Street view.

3. Do you believe that if a person is seen/reported as acting suspiciously then the police can legitimately enquire as to what they're doing?
Then can enquire, in accordance with the legislation and not for example, detain an individual because of an Inspector being 'pissed off' on the basis of filming a building from a public place, as seen in Merthyr Tydfil.

4. Do you believe that if the police when making enquiries as per 3 above ask you to identify yourself that you should refuse to do so?
In accordance with the appropriate legislation, if they suspect that the individual has committed an offence, otherwise they have no authority to do so.

5. Are you familiar with the laws regarding trespass? i.e. if you're asked by the the legal authority in charge of a building, business or facility (the duty manager as an example) to leave then you should leave or risk being arrested for trespass.
Largely (though not exclusively) a civil matter, and involves private property and buildings/areas designated as such, therefore not public places.

Legislation hasn't kept up with technology, but I would be extremely concerned if more curbs were put in place to restrict capturing of images in public and public thoroughfares.

Do you think this is acceptable by behaviour by a police Inspector? @dingerr has already asked this.

The child (16) detained on suspicion of Terrorism is 'in care' and suffers from learning and behavioural issues (apart from being Welsh). This is also the second time this particular police officer has reacted violently and most probably illegally, to people filming in public, and is currently suspended and under investigation. South Wales Police has issued an apology to two members of the public.


It may be perfectly legal to wander around a police station car park filming officers, and recording their private vehicle registrations, but it’s undeniably an idiotic and antagonistic pastime.
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