Auditions for Arrser remake of Zulu

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bushmills, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. Just watched Zulu again.

    Was wondering if we made an Arrser version, who'd play which part and why.

    I bags the drunken missionary, spending time ogling the tits of legions of nubile Zulu girls and turning to the piss and talking shite can't be bad. What part would you like?

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  2. fourth sandbag from the left near the surgery.
  3. Zulu warrior.
    Haulin' them down no less.
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  4. Position's filled.
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  5. I want to play Cecil Rhodes so I can do loads of bumming.
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  6. I wanna be 'Ookie'

    The rest of you can fuck off, I asked first!

    I think we should ask Zarathustra to be Bromhead

    And Ord Sgt (RIP) to be the drunken Dutch Padre. How ironic?
  7. I was stitched up!!
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  8. Did the Brits win this time?
  9. As always!
  10. Ummm......aaaah, no, don't rush me, I'm thinking. I know, I know.......Margareta Witt.
  11. Phttttt, Fucking do one you idiot!

    The Snails got that one! (But we will REALLY have to lock the medicinal Brandy away)
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  12. Wasn't the question ,who would you be? rather than do?
  13. I want to be the type that says, "Front Rank Fire", "Centre Rank Fire", etc. Coolest type ever.